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A local Las Vegas casino just announced they’re showing their patrons some serious love on their birthday. The Silverton Casino Hotel is now offering a birthday happy hour to any guest celebrating their special day.


It’s the best birthday gift since the KKLZ Vip Club! (Which is totally awesome, by the way, and you should click that link and sign up if you’re a Las Vegas local). Because it’s not just one drink. It’s two hours of drinking for free if you are celebrating your birthday!

The Silverton is offering this promotion Monday through Thursday after 4pm. It will be at their Shady Grove Lounge, which is right in the middle of the gaming area. A  nice spot for some birthday shenanigans.

And if your birthday isn’t on a Monday through Wednesday, that’s okay. The Silverton Casino Hotel will honor the Birthday Happy Hour for the entire month of someone’s big day! This promotion goes for throughout the entire 2023 year.

Make It A Birthday Party

Of course, not many of us like to drink alone on our birthday. I guess the Silverton guys don’t either. Because they’re offering special pricing for friends during Birthday Happy Hour as well. As many as twelve guests can come with the birthday kid and get these prices (reported by Fox5Vegas):

  • $2.50 Pacifico drafts
  • $3 domestic bottles
  • $4 draft beer
  • $5 house wine
  • $6 well drinks and mixers

Worth The Drive

The Silverton Casino Hotel is just south of the 215 adjacent to the I-15. If you live on the north side of Vegas, it still may be worth the drive for you to celebrate your birthday at Silverton. Especially if you can throw back a few! Birthday kids get up to two hours of free drinking. But if you do take advantage of that to the fullest, definitely get an Uber. Or make sure one of your birthday entourage is your DD.

Happy Birthday!

– Wendy Rush

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10 Free Things You Can Do In Vegas

Vegas is becoming a lot more popular with our ever growing strip of casinos, expanding sports teams and population of residents. Vegas is a place that many have overlooked for years due to the “vulgarity” and “party centric mindset.” Yet, did the judgements of those realize that behind the smoke and mirrors is a beautiful city?

Now-a-days, people are having a change of heart with how “cheap” it is to live here with all of the amenities that come along with it. People are moving to Nevada for different reasons. Some appreciate that we have less traffic, big entertainment, dry weather and the convivence to do things at all hours of the day. Individuals are able to afford homes with multiple rooms, a kitchen, backyard, garage and more. Couples are planting their roots in Vegas and starting families of their vary own.

Did we mention most of the places in Vegas have free parking? No, we are not talking about Las Vegas BLVD. As we are in a landlocked desert, we don’t have a beach but that isn’t hindering people when it comes to going out— especially during summer time.

Out door malls, casino art installations and farmers markets are just a few of the extras that locals get the chance to experience just for living in Vegas. Some of the free things to par take in aren’t seen in plane sight and have to be sought out but once found are worth the hunt. A few of the free activities are a bit of a drive so take so take some time off to explore the city in it’s fullest capacity.

With the economy like a rollercoaster, it can be challenging to have fun without hurting the bank account.

We have found 10 fun things to do in the Entertainment Capital of the World that are FREE. Yes, zero cost. Enjoy.