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Abbey Sizer, and 18-year-old dairy farmer woke up in serious pain. How? She was sleep walking! She was staying over at a friends place when the incident happened.

Abbey was dreaming that she had to milk the cows. She reached for what she thought was a door, but in actuality it was a window. All while asleep! Abbey fell two stories out the window causing her to break her spine and shatter her pelvis! Ouch!

She says, “All I recall is being in agony on the ground screaming while rolling around in pain.” 

“I don’t recall many memories of the accident.” Says, Sizer. “I remember the fire department being called as the paramedics were unable to lift me, the rest is a blur!”

The 18-year-old dairy farmer was taken to Shepparton Hospital, and then transferred to a trauma center. She currently is still there with severe injuries! On top of breaking her spine and shattering her pelvis, her tailbone was totally out of place!

Sizer has gone though surgeries and doctors are saying it could up to a year before she can get back to farming. Size said, “I have always slept walked and talked, but never before has there been an incident of this magnitude.”

Want to know more? We have more on this story and other weird and wacky stories in today’s Other News!

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