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The wind we experienced in Las Vegas this week was crazy. We’re not strangers to windstorms, but this one seemed to be on a vendetta. Remember Jaws: The Revenge, “this time it’s personal”? Yeah…it felt kind of like that.

So, I’m not sure who ticked Mother Nature off. But she struck back with a vengeance. And did some decent amount of damage to the local Las Vegas landscape. News3Lv reported the damage. The wind knocked over power lines and schoolyard fences. And many trees had to be removed after being uprooted by the storm.

Power Outages

Because the wind knocked over powerlines, parts of the Las Vegas valley also saw power outages. One such outage happened at the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle‘s Sahara location. They posted on their Twitter page that they were closed for repairs and would have to make up lost appointments.

School Closures

Some local schools are also changing their business hours due to the storm. Mission High, Sunrise Acres Elementary, Roy W. Martin Middle, and Goodsprings Elementary are just a few that have moved to distance learning while repairs are being done.

Road Closures and Flight Delays

The wind didn’t spare our local roads or airport either. Road visibility issues caused an increase in traffic related accidents. The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that “Late Tuesday, the storm caused the closure of all lanes of Interstate 15 in eastern California near the Nipton exit, about 80 miles southwest of Las Vegas.” Flights at the Harry Reid International Airport saw delays of about an hour yesterday, on average.


When we usually get strong wind in Las Vegas, it’s around 20-30 MPH. That will get our attention. This wind storm brought 35 to 45 mph wind. In addition to 70 mph gusts. And if that isn’t impressive enough, the NWS reported wind gusts of 82 mph at Allegiant Stadium (reviewjournal.com).

But what we didn’t see this time around, is all those “we will rebuild” memes. Looks like nobody is laughing now. You win this round, Mother Nature.

– Wendy Rush

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Move Over, Area 15, Las Vegas Is Getting More Immersive

It looks like Area 15 in Las Vegas is about to get some serious competition. This time in the world of immersive entertainment. An Albuquerque based company called Electric Playhouse is looking to expand to Sin City this year.

Electric Playhouse is posting a lot of details this week on their website about the upcoming Vegas location. And it looks seriously awesome! They’ll be setting up camp in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. Taking over a space that is more than ten thousand square feet. And they plan to be here as early as this summer.

According to their website, Electric Playhouse in Las Vegas will have something for everyone. They have an entertainment experience for a wide variety of ages and demographics. They say children, teenagers, adults and seniors will all have something to enjoy.

Another exciting thing is that their offerings change daily. So there will always be something new to check out. And their experiences will change depending on the time of day as well. They’ll have options for date nights and birthday parties. Also corporate events or family outings.

When it comes to the demographics they’re inviting, that’s diverse as well. Electric Playhouse promises that “whether you’re a thrill-seeker looking for an adrenaline rush, a culture enthusiast seeking to discover new forms of art, or a food lover looking to indulge in gourmet delicacies, Electric Playhouse has an experience designed just for you” (Electricplayhouse.com).

At their flagship location in Albuquerque, Electric Playhouse is already impressing the crowds. They’ve hosted immersive dining experiences and interactive art exhibits. They’ve also held sports watch parties.

Electric Playhouse is known for their cutting edge technology. So this is definitely going to be an experience like no other. Here’s some of what can we look forward to this summer at the new venue. – Wendy Rush

  • Interactive Spaces

    Biosensor Technology Concepts. New Experiences with Metaverse, Web3 and Blockchain. Hand Interacting with the Computer Graphic Surrealism Butterfly via Biosensor Tech

    The Electric Playhouse will let people of all ages interact in the metaverse. And what they offer changes everyday. The cyber sky is the limit!

  • Immersive Games

    asian girl wear vr glasses and play gamesvertical of asian girl wear vr glasses and play gamesVertical of asian girl play car racing game with wearing vr glasses

    The Electric Playhouse is a popular spot for people who like interactive games. Imagine hockey, hop scotch, or twister played on a floor that lights up!

  • Immersive Art Shows

    3d render, abstract pink blue neon background, cosmic landscape, northern polar lights, esoteric triangular portal, virtual reality, ultraviolet spectrum, rocks

    With projection mapping and sensors, Electric Playhouse is planning immersive art experiences. They’re also going to team up with local artists and museums to plan some of their shows.

  • Concerts

    beautiful woman dancing with music headphones

    Seems music venues all over Vegas are going more immersive these days. Electric Playhouse promises an immersive concert experience too, albeit probably on a smaller level than others. Which is actually nice.

  • Immersive Fine Dining

    Waiter serving big city with report concept on tray

    Electric Playhouse calls it the future of fine dining. They combine projection mapping, music and more with their delicious cuisine that changes for the seasons.

  • Full Branded Event Venue

    Futuristic graphical user interface concept.

    “As the premier boutique event venue in Las Vegas, the Electric Playhouse offers a fully customizable space that can be tailored to express your company’s brand and create lasting memories for employees and clients alike” (electricplayhouse.com).