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There are some people that love to go to Disneyland and others that just LOVE it! Well, in the case of this one man, he is of the latter…who is now in the Guinness World Record Book. This 50 year old guy has set the world record by going to the amusement park for 2,995 days in a row!

Now The Mike & Carla Morning Show love Disneyland and have been a few times. But to be realistic, how many times could you really go as far as days in a row?

Aside for the economics of it all, what is that like over 8 years? First of all, who has that kind of money and more so, who has that kind of time? Well guess who? The guy’s name is Jeff Reitz and from 2012 to 2020, you could find this guy each and everyday at the “Happiest Place on Earth”!

Now during the pandemic, he did struggle and decided to make changes in his life.  And one of them was to stop the streak . . . and just move on. It had to weight on him quite a bit since you want to finish anything you start right?

To be honest, Jeff actually became sort of a “folk” hero at the park with people hoping to see the record-setter each and everyday. Stopping to take pictures with him and hoping to appear on any of his social posts from the park.

Now after keeping track of each and everyday, The Guinness Book certified this amazing feat. Jeff says that it’s been a while since he’s been to Disneyland and hasn’t said when he will return.

Put yourself in his position, if you were out to set a record, could you actually dedicate yourself like that? Go to one place each and everyday for over eight years? If so, where would it be? A restaurant, amusement park, theater, etc…what would it be. You would clearly have to be single right? So here’s a salute to Jeff Reitz, the new record holder for going to Disneyland for 2,995 days in a row!

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