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Mark the date, Sunday, February 11, 2024 Las Vegas, Nevada at Allegiant Stadium. That’s when the BIG GAME comes to Las Vegas, but more importantly, who is performing at halftime?

Probably not at this point in time, however, Las Vegas has been prepping for this moment in sports history for years. The city is also preparing the area around the stadium to be more of a sports atmosphere with bars, restaurants and more.

One such place is Flanker’s Kitchen and Sports Bar. It will be located at the base of The Shoppes at Mandalay Bay, steps away from the walkway leading to the stadium. We’re sure there will be more to follow as well over the course of the year leading up to the Big Game.

However, the most important element to any Big Game is the halftime entertainment. Known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” we have a lot of eyes on Las Vegas. Given that it was up to us, which it’s NOT, we might have to think long and hard on this one.

First off, we need to make sure the halftime show lives up to the hype of our city! So who is it that should perform at halftime of LVIII?

We do have a lot to choose from. From the The Killers to Imagine Dragons and everyone in between. Maybe the easier question should be, who don’t we want performing at halftime?

All right, let’s cross off the list any Elvis impersonators…or any impersonators for that matter. Any tribute shows, although they are awesome to see and everyone enjoys them, we’re talking halftime now!

According to the Insider, a few names pop right off the list. One being Taylor Swift! She has never performed at halftime before, so you’d think she’s due right? How about Queen with Adam Lambert? Or, are you ready for it…JANET JACKSON!

Think about it and let’s talk…remember, it’s only a year away!

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Top Five Super Bowl Foods You Need At Your Party

Top Foods To Serve During The Super Bowl:

The Big Game is slowly creeping up on us! And you know what that means? Time to start planning your Super Bowl Party food spread! You can have the biggest tv screen or movie screen showing the game. That means nothing unless you have the right beverages and the right food to go with it!

A survey was taken of the top Super Bowl Foods in each state. The results showed similar results across the board. The big states like California say Nachos are their top choice for game day foods! New York says buffalo wings. Hawaii says chips and salsa, Michigan went with pigs in a blanket, and Illinois also went with Buffalo Wings! What did Nevada choose? They went way off the norm and they said hummus was their favorite game day dish.

If we took all fifty states and tallied the top Super Bowl foods of each state, you’ll be kind of surprised at the results!

Now before we go through the top five Super Bowl foods, you should know that at a Super Bowl Party, there’s the drinks, the appetizers, and some go all out and add entree’s. The study taken showed that seventy-percent of Americans bypass any entree and stick to just appetizers. Forty-one percent of the people surveyed have admitted to overeat during the game, which is totally easy to do when you’re glued to the game and eating at the same time. The study also found that people actually look forward to the Super Bowl, not because of the game or even the commercials, but because of the food spread they’re about to partake in!

The Most Popular Drinks During Super Bowl:

If you want to know the drink results, non-alcoholic drinks ranked higher than alcoholic drinks during the game.

So what top five foods should you have at your Super Bowl party? This is the results of all fifty states!

We have more on this story and more in today’s edition of a Few Things You Should Know!






  • Meatballs

    This was the shocker! You’d think pizza, hot dogs, or even wings would break the top five foods to serve at your Super Bowl party, but they didn’t. A few are in the top ten though! But at number one, it’s Meatballs! It’s become the most popular finger food to have. Cooked all different ways, usually with a small jar of toothpicks on the side to pick them up! Meatballs is your must have food you need to serve at this years Super Bowl party! It was also the number one Googled food to serve at your Super Bowl Party!


  • Guacamole

    It’s funny that Guacamole ranked above chips and salsa. Usually if you have chips and salsa, guacamole is right next to it! But according to the survey taken, guacamole was searched more on Google than chips and salsa. And it was ranked as top food to to have at a Super Bowl party by more states in the U.S. than chips and salsa!



  • Chips And Salsa

    What’s any party with out the perfect pairing of chips and salsa! Especially for the big game, a big bowl of tortilla chips and a big bowl of your favorite salsa next to it, you’ll find yourself dipping and dipping! That’s why it’s one of the top searched foods on Google! And ranked top food by most states in the U.S.!

    Chips And Salsa


  • Tator Tots

    Another food you’ll almost see at every Super Bowl party. Tator Tots are the perfect finger food. Served alone with dipping sauces on the side. Or loaded like nachos, but instead called Tatchos! Either way, this is a must have at your Super Bowl party!

    Tator Tots


  • Chili

    Chili has been a staple food everyone has at their Super Bowl party! In fact there are parties where you’ll find over five different types and styles of the classic food! With that being said, you’d thing it would be the top food to serve. Surprisingly it’s not! It didn’t even crack the top three! I was ranked fifth.

    Chili Bowl

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