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Depeche Mode started out as an “electronic” band back in the late 70s, but gained more notoriety in the 80s, has put out new music! Released just the other day, The Mike & Carla Morning Show sampled the track this morning titled “Ghosts Again”.

M&C are huge fans of Depeche Mode and gave the song two thumbs up…but you can listen and decide. What started out as a four man band is now down to Dave Gahan and Martin Gore. Releasing their first album, “Speak & Spell” back in 1981, the band was quickly at the front of the new wave music scene.

Over the years, the band put out thirteen studio albums, six live albums, 71 music videos and over 54 singles. Nominated for six Grammy Awards, the band has yet to win the coveted award.

Even though the band has never had a number one hit, Depeche Mode has had their share of Top 10 hits. Songs that have cracked the Top 10 include “Personal Jesus”, “Enjoy The Silence”, “Policy of Truth, and a few others. Selling out as they tour and a Las Vegas favorite, the band is still as hot as they were in the mid 80s.

Their new song “Ghosts Again” is the first new song release since the death of original member Alan Fletcher last year. It’s from their forth coming album titled “Memento Mori”. Great lyrics and the music is very Depeche Mode!

If you love the music of the 80s and you really like Depeche Mode, we have no doubt you will like the new track. To be honest, it doesn’t stray much from what made them famous and that’s actually a good think.

Take a couple of minutes, listen to the segment…you decide. And check out their cool new video as well.


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