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Last August, I posted this mind-blowing trailer for the Frasier television series reboot in an article on It certainly teased a very different direction for the highly-anticipated sequel on Paramount+.


Well, now the cast has been set for the new series, in which actor Kelsey Grammer reprises his popular character as radio psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane. According to an article written by Nellie Andreeva and posted on, actress Toks Olagundaye is the latest addition to the cast. You may know her from the series The Neighbors, or from her stint as a series regular on Castle.

Per Andreeva’s article, “Olagundoye will play Olivia, head of the psych department at an Ivy League university.” Actor Nicholas Lyndhurst will play her nemesis, Alan, an old college buddy of Frasier’s. Apparently, these two will be disagreeing about everything, except the fact that they both admire Frasier.

The article goes on to name the rest of the main cast of characters for the Frasier sequel, including Jack Cutmore-Scott as Frasier and Lilith’s son Freddy, Jess Salgueiro as Freddy’s roommate Eve and Anders Keith as Niles and Daphne’s son David.”

So, will the Frasier reboot be set in Seattle once again? I’m afraid not. Andreeva’s article explains that Dr. Crane is “off to a different city with new challenges to face, new relationships to forge, and an old dream or two to finally fulfill.”

Writers for the sequel include Chris Harris and Joe Cristalli. Kelsey Grammer will executive produce the multi-camera situation comedy, which will be “produced by CBS Studios in association with Grammer’s Grammnet NH Productions.”

I’m getting hungry for “tossed salad and scrambled eggs. Good night everybody!”


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13 T-Shirts That Will Make You Feel Like You’re Watching TV In The 90s

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I may be a bit biased, but TV in the 90s was incredible! In my opinion, you couldn’t have asked for more. From shows like Beavis and Butthead, The Real World, Double Dare, and so much more there was always something amazing to watch and talk about at school. And because we wanted to take a trip down memory lane, we’ve put together a list of 90s TV show t-shirts that will absolutely hit you in the nostalgic feels.

  • 1) Legends of The Hidden Temple

    The 90s game shows on Nickelodeon were incredible and Legends of the Hidden Temple was easily my favorite. I may not have been able to participate, but you bet I asked my parents all the time if they would take me to Universal Studios in Orlando so I could at least watch it live.

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  • 2) Fresh Prince

    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was so much better than I remembered. Every time re-run or a compilation of some really funny or moving scenes I’m reminded of just how brilliant the show was. The cast was incredible and honestly, I probably need to watch the whole thing straight through just to remember it. 

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  • 3) Tool Time Tee

    Tim the Toolman Taylor! Home Improvement was definitely one of those shows I didn’t expect to like as much as I did. But it was great and a bit weird, but that’s kinda how a lot of the 90s shows were.

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  • 4) Daria Tee

    You are lying to yourself if this wasn’t one of your top 5 favorite shows of all time. Daria is still an icon and the show itself was just amazing. The show was different and cool and we were all trying to emulate Daria and Jane.

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  • 5) Ren and Stimpy

    While it wasn’t my favorite I know it was so many other people’s favorites. Ren and Stimpy was one of those shows that made you laugh a lot. And honestly, this would make a great gift for any millennial.

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  • 6) Nickelodeon Guts

    Another one of my favorite 90s TV game shows! Guts was such an interesting show. Even though there was no one I would have ever been able to do any of the things the kids on the show had to do, I ate it up every time it was on. I mean let’s be real the Aggro Crag looked incredibly hard.

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  • 7) The Real World

    Before Big Brother, there was The Real World. Seven strangers living together and a ton of drama. This was the show that got me into Reality TV.

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  • 8) Boy Meets World

    Gosh, I loved Boy Meets World. The fact that we basically watched these three kids grow up while we were growing up? It was perfect. While I loved Cory and Topanga, and honestly I wanted nothing more than to be Topanga when I got older, except maybe a less aggressive version of her. Regardless she was a role model for me and the show was just amazing.

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  • 9) Double Dare

    And the game shows keep coming. Double Dare was a must-see for me. I begged my folks to let me watch it every time it was on!

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  • 10) Nick At Nite

    Gosh, Nick At Nite. I can still picture falling asleep to the sounds of Nick at Nite, especially the commercials because we all know those were the loudest commercials in the world.

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  • 11) Mmm... Donuts

    Can you believe the Simpsons is still going? Back in the 90s this show was something else. Have you watched an old rerun lately? If not, you definitely need to go do that because I’m still shocked by the way the show has changed.

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  • 12) Rugrats

    This show was my everything! I absolutely loved the Rugrats show. It didn’t matter how old I was, the “Ba Bah!” at the beginning still sends a shiver down my spine. And yes, it’s absolutely one of my favorite TV show theme songs of all time.

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  • 13) Beavis & Butthead

    And of course, we couldn’t forget Beavis and Butthead. I can practically hear this shirt just by looking at it.

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