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When you think back to your childhood, do you ever wonder what happened to that bully you had to face everyday? Well, you have to hear the story of this one woman who claims, “I married my childhood bully!” You heard right and The Mike & Carla Morning Show have all the details.

It’s a crazy story of how all through school, this one guy would pick on this girl day in and day out. With that said, Carla Rea thinks that when boys do that, they actually like you a lot. In any case, one thing lead to another and they ended up getting married!

S0 we wanted to find out if you knew what happened to your childhood bully? Did you end up dating? Becoming the best of friends or did he or she continue to be your bully past high school? One story that came in this morning was right out of a TicTok video.

A guy called to talk about his “bully” and that after leaving school the listener went on to big and better things, However, heading up his own business, who should walk in looking for a job? That’s right, the BULLY!

Not recognizing the guy right off the bat that he used to beat up, but then it all clicked. Turned out that there were no hard feelings and the former bully go the job and now they are best of friends! Lots of stories like that this morning, but how the two who ended up getting married, now that’s a story.

Spend a couple of minutes to listen to the segments and see if you can relate. Or maybe you WERE the bully! Whatever happened? Did you reconcile? Tell us your story!

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