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It’s an easy question, what song from your Jr. High or High school years do you still know all the words to? The Mike & Carla Morning Show put the question on the KKLZ Facebook page and got a ton of hits. But, M&C thought they would throw it out on the air this morning. These are the songs that you know all the words to…and Carla Rea was put to the test.

Sure, it’s easy to sing along and know the words when the radio is on, but what about when you’re on your own? Now Mike O’Brian came clean right off the bat to say that even when singing with his band, he had to make up words to songs. If you didn’t believe him, his wife Jodi was on the phone to backup the claim but said that she took a “vow” not to remind him of the fact!

Listeners responded to the question on Facebook with “Love of My Life” by Queen, “Gloria” by Van Morrison, and even the song by 3 Dog Night, “Joy To The World!” As we said before, Carla was put on the spot and to the test with a couple of songs. “Logical Song” by Supertramp and “Turn The Beat Around” by Vicki Sue Robinson.

According to the critics who texted in, she passed with fly colors! So think about all the songs you remember growing up in Jr. High or High School. What song could you sing all the words to if you were put on the spot? Keep in mind, we’re talking about no help from hearing the song play on the radio in the car or at home.

Listen to the segment from this morning and enjoy. It’s not as easy as one thinks, but there are some people that can pull it off…just not Mike O’Brian.

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