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A new feature on The Mike & Carla Morning Show that you can play along with. Take the 10 Question Quiz and see just how many you get right! These are at random questions that Carla Rea threw at Mike O’Brian. It’s everything from the capital of Nevada to what did the Lumière brothers invent? No googling or having your phone on, how many can you get right.

Listen, if you were that kid in school that was the first one to raise your hand before the teacher even finished the question, this is the game for you. Or, if you ever thought about being on a game show and thought you would score the grand prize…here ya go!

The M&C Morning Show had Kathleen on the phone and if she guesses how many Mike gets right out of the 10 Questions within one, she wins tickets to see SEAL at The Venetian Theater. Now you can play along by listening to the segment below, but no cheating.

For example, another question is, where would you find the Vega-matic, Judy Garland’s ruby red slippers, and the Hope diamond? Right off the bat Mike said “KANSAS!” (buzzer sfx) WRONG! But where would you find all these things?

Now last time M&C played, Carla actually got 5 and half out of 10 correct and the listener on the phone was a winner. These are not all easy questions, so you’re going to have to think a bit to play along.

Of course, if you have any questions you’d like to forward to us and be apart of the game, by all means do it. Submit them through the M&C Mailbag on our website. We will gladly give you credit, but until then, if you want to play along, give it a shot!

Just listen to the segment below and see how well you do. Enjoy and of course, thanks for listening to The Mike & Carla Morning Show!

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