Sarah McLachlan is starring in a Super Bowl ad for Busch Light beer, and she is spoofing herself!

Super Bowl spots are debuted weeks ahead of the game now. I thought it used to be fun to watch the game with the same excitement to see the commercials, as there was to watch the game. Though most of the time, the commercials were really the star of the game.

This new 30-second spot for Busch Light beer was released Monday – almost two weeks ahead of Super Bowl 2023.  It’s the “Busch Guy” teaching wilderness survival skills: “Three things are required in the great outdoors: food, drink and shelter,” the beer brand’s spokesman explains while showing a six-pack of Busch Light for “drink.”

When she hears “shelter,” Sarah McLachlan, pushes open her tent, and we hear her iconic 1997 song “Angel” plays. And if you’re like me, the tears just start to well up.

“Hello, I’m Sarah McLachlan. For just dollars a day, you can help helpless animals find shelter,” she says, as she pokes fun at her own American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals commercials commercial. The tear-jerking ads featured somber, and frail  puppies and kittens, and McLachlan encouraged viewers to donate money to stop animal abuse. Oops – wait – wrong shelter, Sarah!

FYI: Sarah McLachlan’s hit “Angel” went to number 4 on the Billboard Chart’ Hot 100 in 1998, and it also spent 12 weeks at number one on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.

It’s a fun and funny spot, and good on Sarah for having some fun -at her own expense!

By the way, I also did a similar video for one of KKLZ’s first “Grand in your Hand” contests – I think you’ll like it.

-Carla Rea


A Wearable Bean Bag Chair For The Lazy People

We’re already pretty lazy as it is, but now we can be even LAZIER!

Face it, we work hard, right? So sometimes we just want to sit on our butt, but don’t want to walk far to do it. Well, viola! A company in Japan has created WEARABLE beanbag chairs! And they’re ridiculous – or are they?

The best way to explain them is that you’ll look just like Grimace, the chunky purple McDonald’s character.

They go on over your head. You know, like a sweater, or any other piece of furniture you might wear – but they’re basically like wearing a “fat suit.” Cause, that’s what we want.

The idea is that whenever you’re tired – which you probably WILL be if you’re carrying around all this extra weight in the house, or at the office – you can just plop your lazy butt down anywhere – and you’ll already be in a chair!

They come in four different colors: moss green, natural beige, mocha, and charcoal gray. And they come in three different sizes.  The child size is about $60, the medium size is about $80, and the large size is about $120.  The large one weighs 11 pounds. What are they stuffing these with, rocks?

Sadly, for now they’re mostly only being sold in Japan, but you can’t tell me there’s not a market for wearable beanbag chairs – or perhaps any other wearable furniture – right here in the US.

Now, I’m not sure if wearing this around the office is going to get you that promotion and raise you’ve been waiting for, but it sure would give the gang something to talk about at lunch – you know, while you are actually dining in your own wearable beanbag chair!

As we’ve seen from “Shark Tank,” just about any good – or strange – idea is worth putting out there. Thus – The wearable beanbag chair!

-Carla Rea

Here are some other suggestions, for all the lazy people out there –

  • Reclining toilets

    I mean, who doesn’t want to kick back – completely – when they are doing the doo?

    Lazy inventions

  • Business Casual Pajamas

    Out of bed, right to work  – thus allowing you a few extra minutes of sleep each day!

    Lazy Inventions

  • Self-boxing, and unboxing Christmas lights

    Just sit there, and watch them untangle themselves and land on that tree perfectly. Then watch as they beautifully unwind off the tree, and fit back into their boxes perfectly!

    Lazy Inventions

  • Drinkable steak

    Why bother having to cook it, cut it, and chew your ribeye, when you can just drink it.

    Lazy Inventions

  • 3-D printed, employed, self-sufficient children

    Bam! What’s not to like?!

    Lazy Inventions