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Even though you’ve been married for years, the relationship has come to an end. After dividing everything up, when getting divorced, who gets the dog? That’s the advice The Mike & Carla Morning Show were looking for when talking about friends that were going through the process. You split up everything and it’s all good, until you start talking about the dog you bought together.

To those that don’t have pets, it seems very petty to decide something like this, but for those that do, it’s serious! Who gets custody? Visitation rights? Can we plan visits with the dog together at the dog park? All the questions that come up when deciding on who gets Spot.

Even M&C Morning Show Executive Producer talked about his situation that got serious and the relationship the dog had with her. Morty was very protective, but the bottom line, Squish is MY dog…and always will be! He even said that he would put that in writing just to make sure.

If you want to keep the lines of communication open, but it’s best to be honest and if that means putting it in writing, then so be it! You have to keep in mind how serious and, more importantly, loving people are when it comes to their pets! When it’s time to split up and pets are involved, that tends to be the biggest issue. “Oh, you can have the couch, the bedroom furniture, but I get Whiskers!”

Those listening this morning texted in with great advice. Some listeners shared their own experiences when it came to their pets. One listener, despite the split, they were still friends and even though the pooch stayed with her, they both shared the animal…until another friend got involved. Isn’t the way it always is…everything is fine until someone else gets involved?

Listen to the segment from this morning and see if you can relate…and enjoy!


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Top 10 Songs To Keep Your Dog Stress FREE In The Car

If you drive with your dog in the car and if you feel that the pooch might be getting stressed out, there might be a solution! According to a recent study, they find that dogs prefer soft rock and even a bit of reggae when feeling stressed out.

Some of the songs that pop up on the Top 10 list that you might want to have handy when taking a road trip with you are as follows:

Foreigner-“I Want To Know What Love Is”

Pink Floyd-“Dark Side of the Moon”


Jimmy Cliff-“Many Rivers to Cross”

Now, while you might have your own mix tape that your dog likes, take into consideration that SWNS Digital published the article, that 75% of those surveyed were planning on taking there four-legged friend on a “staycation” with them and 72% travelling by car. So this information comes at the right time and can be very useful for those still planning on a vacation this summer. On the other hand, consider those that simply drive around throughout the week and during the weekend taking their dog with them…if you don’t have these songs on your playlist yet, you might want to think about adding them!

The article also states that the good news is that 81% of dog owners are willing to change their playlists in the car to ensure that their dog remains happy whether blowing down the highway or stuck in a traffic jam for 20 to 30 minutes.

Either way, The Mike & Carla Morning Show talked about this on Friday morning and gave you the Top 3 songs that dogs love to hear in the car when feeling the stress coming on. Now you can listen to the segment and find out what you shouldn’t be playing, because that is just as important! Either way, scroll down to see the exclusive Top 3 songs and enjoy!