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If you are looking to add a couple of bucks to your bank account, check out the side hustle Ikea is offering. The Mike & Carla Morning Show were talking about different side hustles to add a couple of bucks in your wallet when Ikea came up

The nice folks at FinanceBuzz are looking to find a couple and hoping they’re willing to make a few bucks. All you have to do is like shopping at Ikea, find a bedroom set and put it together. How easy is that?

So you shop, put everything together and then document the ups and downs of the entire experience! If you’ve shopped at Ikea, then bought something there, brought it home to put together, you already know there will be issues. So just put all the stress, the arguing and then of course, the enjoyment on paper or video and BAM!

Keep in mind that Ikea is looking for only one couple, but it’s very easy to apply. You will have until Valentine’s Day to sign up. If chosen, you’ll then have from February 21st to March 21st to shop, assemble and post pictures and video.

Oh, and you have to live near an Ikea store! The good news is that Las Vegas has an Ikea store, so you’re already in the running. However, we all know this could be a good thing or it can end up ruining a relationship. Either way, collect $1000.00, get a new bedroom set…win, win! Now if this causes a break-up, okay you can split the money and workout the details on the bedroom set.

Well, listen to the segment and decide if you and your better half think this is a good idea. Other money saving hacks also included clipping coupons. Do people still do that or do they just use their phone when it comes to money saving codes? Hmmm…

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