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A recent survey wanted to find out what your kids were saying that parents could not stand! In fact, Boomers on Twitter, responded to things Millennials like to say and some of the sayings parents are just getting tired of. The Mike & Carla Morning Show actually threw this topic out there this morning and wanted to talk to both parents and kids.

Now we all know we went through this with our parents so it’s only fair that each generation has it’s moment right? However, it was interesting on how a lot of the adults that called in said how most of these things there kids say has transferred over to the workplace.

Some of the things that came up, “my bad”, “brah” and “side bar”. On the flipside, the one that surprised even Mike O’Brian was when one listener called in with the saying, “I need my feelings validated!” It was like “what?” But again, these are our kids.

Mike even mentioned the time when his oldest daughter saying to him when she was a lot younger, “…hey dude, check this out!” Something that did not go over very well. Or his grandson starting out everything with “POV”! The same thing for Carla Rea’s grand niece.

According to an article put out by BuzzFeed, the list gets longer. Just some of the sayings that popped up:

1.  “Ditto.”


2.  “So I did a thing” . . . and the “thing” is something like:  They bought a desk.


3.  “Cuteness overload.”


4.  “I was ‘today years old’ when I learned [X].”  And it’s usually something silly like, “I was today years old when I realized that when someone says ‘hold your horses’ they’re telling me to be stable.”  (???)  Or “I was today years old when I realized Turkey was a country.”


5.  “Wait” . . . before EVERY random revelation.

All in all, it was fun hearing parents talk about their kids and one dad who actually had his kid in the car who hopped on the phone…listen to the segment from this morning and enjoy!


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