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This is all over Social Media right now. Depending on how old you are, take the survey and find out how good of a “friend” you really are! This debate is blowing up on Twitter right now:  Once you’re past your mid-20s and a full-fledged adult, is it rude to ask friends to help you move?

Someone actually posted a screenshot of a text sent to a friend offering to help them move.  In return, the friend actually replied and  said, “I would never ask a friend to help me move . . . I’m an adult.  I appreciate you asking though.” 

With that said, BuzzFeed actually did an informal survey about how far friends will go to help you out. The results were pretty amazing and clearly a few of us aren’t that good of friends! But what are friends for if not to help you move, paint your house or at least move some furniture every once in a while?

On The Mike & Carla Morning Show, Mike O’Brian wanted to know how good of friends everyone was on the show. Mike went down the list and found out that they are all pretty good friends to a limit. Taking or picking up a friend from the airport, no worries…but when it got to “deep cleaning” and loaning money, it got quite!

When it came to moving, keep in mind that when it comes to moving, not everyone has enough money to pay for pros. Heck, that’s what friends are for right? Everyone pitches in, the more the merrier and we all get it done that much faster! Not to mention, there will be FREE pizza and beer at the end of it all…sound good? Evidently not all the time.

So where do you draw the line on what you will ask your friends to do? Take a couple of minutes, listen to how The M&C Morning Show fair, then answer the questions yourself. Find out what kind of friend you really are…and enjoy!


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