The James Beard Awards are meant to celebrate and recognize the best out of the best when it comes to culinary arts, hospitality and more. And Las Vegas made the award list a few times for 2023.

The James Beard Awards announced its set of winners on Wednesday, unveiling a list of the best eateries, bars, food publications and chefs in the country. This set of awards is considered to be, “among the  nation’s most prestigious honors, recognize exceptional talent in the culinary and food media industries, as well as a demonstrated commitment to racial and gender equity, community, sustainability, and a culture where all can thrive.”

Essentially, being part of this list proves that your bar, restaurant, cooking style, etc. pushes, innovates and transforms the boundaries of culinary arts.

In Las Vegas, one wine room took home the title for “outstanding bar.” Out of the 20 winners, only one Las Vegas bar made the list, and it’s no other than Garagiste!

Garagiste is a “casual, eclectic wine bar and bottle shop in the heart of Las Vegas’ Arts District,” the wine room’s website states.

The other category that Las Vegas represented within was the “best chefs in the Southwest region of the states” category.

Kaoru Azeuchi, owner of Kaiseki Yuzu; Oscar Amador and Francesco Di Caudo, both of Anima by EDO, Yip Cheung, of Red Plate; and Jimmy Li, of ShangHai Taste, were all winners within this category of “best chef.”

Kaiseki Yuzu offers Japanese cuisine, sushi and kaiseki-style food. Anima by EDO is innovative tapas that fuses Italian and Spanish flavors. Red Plate  offers “an unparalleled dining experience grounded in authentic Chinese flavors.” And ShangHai Taste is a restaurant that offers traditional Shanghainese cuisine that is simply good for the soul.

Congratulations to our Las Vegas winners who makes our city proud! For more information about the James Beard Awards and Foundation, click here.