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Nearly everyone in America uses slang words or slang phrases every day. In fact, many of these slang words have been added to the dictionary in recent years. recently conducted a survey of 1,500 English-speaking Americans to determine the latest trends in slang. They found that 94% of us are using slang expressions, and 54% of those surveyed said they use slang in most of their conversations.

Where are we learning most of the new slang words and phrases? Most of those surveyed (89%) learn it from the internet and social media. 62% said they learn these expressions from friends, and just over half of those surveyed are learning slang from entertainment like movies, television shows, and song lyrics.

The survey went further into the state of slang in the U.S.A. by trying to find out what some of the most popular words and phrases are, and which ones are annoying us the most. For the second consecutive year, “Ghosted” (“when someone cuts off all communication without explanation”) is the most popular slang word. The next most popular slang word for the second year-in-a-row was “Salty,” “which is used to describe a person who is exceptionally bitter, angry or upset.” And moving up to the third most popular slang word in 2022, replacing “On Point” (which fell to 9th), was “Catfish,” when someone assumes “a false identity or personality on the internet.” found that nearly six in ten (59%) of those surveyed are annoyed by slang words and phrases. Some of the most annoying slang according to the survey: “Bae” (“term of endearment of labeling something as good or cool”), “On Fleek” (“perfectly executed, or extremely good, attractive, or stylish”), and “Bye, Felicia” (a dismissive goodbye).

Who is using these words and phrases the most nowadays? As you might expect, it is the youngest group of Americans, Generation Z. 98% of the Gen Z respondents said they use slang in everyday conversation. In contrast, 81% of the Baby Boomer generation admit to using slang often.

If you would like to check out the full report on this survey, CLICK HERE.


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