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We’ve all had the one night where we say, “Just one drink and that’s it!” Then hours pass and you’re on your fifth drink. Next thing you know, you’re at home, it’s the next morning, and you have the worst hangover of your life! You need to get going though, so how do you cure a hangover so quickly? TikTok has the answer apparently!

TikTok users claim that if you dunk you face and head into a bucket or bowl of iced water quickly, multiple times, it will cure your hangover quickly. Now before you judge TikTok for their outrageous cures, a doctor did in fact make a video on TikTok explainer the “Divers Reflex”, which is what is supposed to help cure your Monday hangover.


#duet with @ashyizzle #hangovercure How to use the ice bowl method to activate the diver’s reflex for hangovers. Put your face in a bowl of ice water, let the water hit your nostrils, and hold your face in the water for 5-10 seconds up to 3x. This will activate the diver’s reflex and help with nausea. Its also great for anxiety, migraines, and your skin care routine. #icebowl #icebowlchallenge #hangover #hungover #hangovercures #hangoverremedies #hangoverremedy #bettermorning #nohangover #moscowmule #tequilasunrise

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The divers reflex can help you snap out of the crappy hangover feeling by telling your body to send more oxygen to the vital organs in your body. It’s also the exact same reflex that makes babies hold their breath under water.

Now “cure” may not be the exact term to use if you have a hangover, but it definitely will help you get moving if you need to. The diver’s reflex may help, but it’s temporary. So if you want this to be something to help you get through the day, you’re gonna have to have a bowl, ice, and water handy the entire day. Then dunk your face into it through out the day. It’s only ten seconds at at time and you’d need to repeat it two or more times!

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