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A very emotional Axl Rose performed at the service for Lisa Marie Presley over the weekend. Elvis’s only daughter was laid to rest over the weekend and the service was held at Graceland. Attended by family and close friends, also performing was Alanis Morissette and Jason Clark and The Tennessee Mass Choir.

But it was Axl Rose’s performance that sadly got the attention of most. Not because fans were surprised by the friendship share by Presley and Rose, but his performance of “November Rain”. Playing piano himself, the lead vocalist of Guns N’ Roses, admitted that he was quite nervous and very emotional having to sing at the service.

That’s why The Mike & Carla Morning Show asked the question, given the choice, who would you want to singing at your service? Now Carla Rea had already mapped out a few superstars to make an appearance. The headliner would be Barbra Streisand, followed by Taylor Swift…not bad! On the other hand, Mike O’Brian would love to have Sting, Eddie Vedder and Jennifer Hudson to bring it home!

Despite the fact that M&C said they have to be able to sing acoustically with a guitar and/or piano, that didn’t stop listeners from suggesting KISS and DEF LEPPARD!

So think about it, given the choice, but they would have to be “living”, who would you have come sing at your funeral? Listeners started texting in and even on the phone, the lists became very eclectic. From Springsteen to Seger, Frankie Valli to Huey Lewis. Given your choice of music, M&C found out depended your choice of artists to sing as friends say “good-bye”!

Take a couple of minutes, listen to the segment, then think about the three artists you would have perform at your service…and enjoy!

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