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Being a football fan can really take it out of ya! However, if you’re a fan of the Buffalo Bills, clearly it’s taken to a whole new level. With the divisional round of playoffs this weekend, The Mike & Carla Morning Show relayed a story about a Buffalo Bill fan who was totally worn out!

After driving home from the most recent Buffalo Bill game, the owner of the truck found a surprise in the bed of his truck. Believe it or not, some random kid evidently thought it was a comfy place to lay down for a few minutes. Now apparently the kid thought it was his dad’s truck and decided to catch few winks!

The M&C Morning Show shared the audio of the truck owner finding the kid. You can imagine how surprised the kid was when he woke up…uh, where the heck am I? Well, like a true fellow Buffalo Bill fan, the guy invited the kid into his home, helped him charge his phone and called his parents to pick him up! As turns out, everyone is okay and the kid learned a valuable lesson.

Now this weekend it’ll be the Bills-Cincinnati Bengals playing, but they will play in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s a “neutral” site and we’re just hoping after the game, fans realize that. Don’t think that road trip would take a while if you decide to lay down for a minute in the back of a stranger’s truck.

On the flipside, Mike O’Brian did ask Carla Rea if she ever found herself in a strange place after a night out! Carla’s answer is worth the few minutes to listen to the segment from this morning. So hit PLAY, sit back and enjoy. Just remember this weekend, if you’re headed out, know how you’re getting home!

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