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Not sure if this is happening in your marriage, but it’s an annual event at the Iowa State Fair that continues to get more and more attention. It’s the “Husband Calling Contest” and guys if you’re just thinking about marriage, this is something you should listen to. The Mike & Carla Morning Show aired samples of some of the contestants this morning.

There ended up being quite a few contestants in this event and we have to believe it’s not the only one of its kind. Throughout the country, it always seems to be happening at the local state fairs. But be honest, that’s where it should be held right? And it seems that there are a lot of other women in the audience taking notes!

Listen to the segment below and ask yourself, if you truly heard your wife calling you like this, would you really respond? Got to believe not too many men would…or they would give it a few minutes. Not too many guys in the audience shouting out to the stage, “that’s my girl!”

However, one woman called with a different perspective of the whole thing. She told The M&C Morning Show the way that her mother decided on what to name her kids. She would actually stand on the front stoop of their home and shout out different names. Figuring that she would be yelling it out for years to come, it had to be something she would be comfortable with.

All in all, some of the women got pretty creative, pretty loud, and demanding! But again, listen to the segment from this morning and you decide. Let’s keep in mind, that we all think they should have a “Wife Calling Contest”, but you can imagine how that would go.

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