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Someone tried to fly from San Antonio to Las Vegas with this 84mm caliber anti-tank rifle on Monday, but they were stopped by TSA agents.

Security officers confiscated the powerful 84-mm caliber weapon used to destroy tanks, from a passenger at the San Antonio International Airport.

The Transportation Security Agency said on a Twitter post,t that officers found the gun in a passenger’s checked luggage. The rifle was not declared, as is required with all weapons.

San Antonio police spokeswoman Jennifer Rodriguez said the firearm was going with the passenger to a firearms show here in Las Vegas, where the gun would have been displayed.

The passenger showed paperwork proving the rifle was “demilitarized,” and a TSA explosives specialist confirmed it would not fire, she said. Still, a TSA supervisor said the undeclared rifle would not be allowed onboard the aircraft, and the passenger’s family retrieved the weapon.

No charged are pending, Rodriguez said.

The gun is a Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless rifle, which is a shoulder-fired combat weapon designed to destroy tanks, clear obstacles and engage enemies in buildings, according to Swedish defense company Saab.

This might be one of the more unusual, but TSA officers often find undeclared weapons on passengers. In 2022, the TSA seized a record 6,542 weapons from carry-on luggage, according to figures released Tuesday.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport ranked second for the number of confiscations at 385, behind Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with 448.

Passengers must declare firearms with the airline when checking a bag at the ticket counteraccording to the TSA. Firearms must be unloaded, locked in a hard-sided container and transported only as a checked bag.

WE all know not to bring liquids, knives, etc. through security. An anti-tank rifle? In all seriousness – HOW??? 

Think people, THINK!!

-Carla Rea

Is Las Vegas Still A Top City For Relocation?

Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas were all some of the fastest growing cities in the country for years. Their population grew steadily for many years. People are moving in and out of the Las Vegas area all the time – or are they? It looks like that might have changed over the past couple years.

An annual study by United Van Lines looked at how many Americans moved into – and out of – all 50 states.  It’s interesting to see how we re-shuffled ourselves, and where people are going – and where they are NOT going.

VERMONT saw the highest percentage of INBOUND migration for the second straight year.  The rest of the Top 10 are: Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Delaware,, North Carolina, Washington, D.C., which counted as a state, South Dakota, New Mexico, Alabama.

The most popular state to move OUT of was NEW JERSEY for the fifth year in a row.  Illinois was second, followed by New York, Michigan, Wyoming, Pennsylvania,  Massachusetts, Nebraska, Louisiana, and California.

There are several “balanced” states, which means about the same number of residents were moving in as out.  NEVADA is now one of the most balanced states in the country, along with Missouri. Really? People aren’t flocking to Missouri? Though it is surprising that Las Vegas has leveled off the way it has.

So what are the top CITIES people are moving to?  You might be surprised…

-Carla Rea

  • Wilmington, North Carolina

    Where are people moving?

    Delaware flag

  • Bellingham, Washington

    Where are people moving

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Where are people moving

  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

    Where are people moving

  • Punta Gorda, Florida

    Where are people moving

  • Flagstaff, Arizona

    Where are people moving