When you first put the keys in your child’s hand, your heart stops for a moment. It’s a moment they’ve been looking forward to for years, but you’ve driven in Las Vegas. You know how challenging and, frankly, ridiculous it can be. Well, if you’re interested in getting your kid in a defensive driving course to sharpen their skills, you’re in luck.

Road safety nonprofit Driver’s Edge is offering drivers 21 and younger the opportunity to take a free, half-day defensive driving course in February. The sessions taking place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway will help teach drivers how sharpen driving acuity and avoid issues.

The events take place February 10th through 12th and require you to pre-register for one session only. Obviously this will be in high-demand, but if there’s no availability you’re able to join a wait list.

Instructors will teach students to perform “evasive lane change maneuvers”. That’ll help when the goof in front of you stops short. “ABS braking practices” will be taught, which will help you gain control of your car that may not be coming to a stop as you’d like. Get into a skid? They’ll teach you how to regain control, and more and more.

On top of the driving instruction, students will also get a brush up on car maintenance and safety. So maybe the next time your kid gets a flat, they might know what to do!

So if you (or your kid) is 21 and under with a valid license or permit, pre-register for one of the sessions on the Driver’s Edge website and gain some skills and extra peace of mind. You never know when you’ll need those skills, especially in this city.