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High school students in the northwest and southeast portions of the Las Vegas Valley could soon be moving to different schools if boundary changes being discussed by the Clark Count School District are approved.

According to an article written by Joshua Peguero on, the overcrowding in classrooms at schools such as Arbor View High in the northwest part of Las Vegas, and Coronado High in Henderson, has the Attendance Zone Advisory Committee for the Clark County School District proposing boundary changes.

Per Peguero’s article, during Tuesday’s meeting, the committee voted in favor of boundary change proposals to move 200 students from Arbor View High School to Centennial High School, and to move 277 students from Coronado High School to Green Valley High School. The northwest boundary change would also send 20 students from Indian Springs High School to Centennial High.

The northwest and southeast areas of the valley are growing rapidly, and there are no new high schools set to be built in these areas until 2028. According to members of the Attendance Zone Advisory Committee who were quoted in Peguero’s article, there are many complaints regarding overcrowded classrooms in the Clark County School District, but it is the high schools which are the most overcrowded.

For example, there are currently 728 12th grade students enrolled at Arbor View High, and 625 seniors at Centennial High. How many students were in your graduating class? I did not attend high school in the Las Vegas Valley, but my 12th grade class was considerably smaller.

Lydia Ruiz, one of the members of the committee, has a son who attends school at Arbor View, and she is quoted in Peguero’s article as saying that there are already 24 portable classrooms being utilized at that high school, with no more room to grow.

These proposals will be discussed further on Thursday, January 26th at a meeting of the Clark County School District trustees.


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The Best Las Vegas High Schools Ranked 2022

One of the most important takeaways from education is that it helps individuals develop critical thinking skills. Personal growth comes from learning which intake helps with gaining more confidence, financial wealth and literary skills.

Nevada is an ever-growing city with a population of just over three million. More people are moving to Las Vegas to give their families a better life. With the American dream in mind, where does education fit into the equation? Education is important to families who want to offer the best for their children and generations to come. conducted a comprehensive analysis to find out where states rank in educational opportunities and performance. Their data was configured over three categories which included Chance for Success (January), School Finance (June) and K-12 Achievement (September). The overall grade is the average of the three separate scores.

Nevada finished 50 amongst all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The state scoring earned 68.6 out of 100 possible points. That is the equivalent of a D plus grade average. The country ranked at a C grade average. Find out more about their education research within each category.

Let’s be honest, Nevada does not have a great education system ranking but that does not mean that all Vegas schools are bad. Vegas has the 5 largest school district in the United States with the Los Angeles Unified School District taking first place. is a leading non-profit when it comes to research insights and parenting resources. The non-profit gives an insight on “school quality” based on a rating from one to 10. Top-rated schools are considered 10’s. Ratings between one to four are looked at as below average. Ratings between five to six indicate average. Ratings seven to 10 are considered above average.

Let’s see how Vegas high schools, public and private, are ranked from 10 to one.

  • 10/10 West Career & Technical Academy

    West Career & Technical Academy

    West Career & Technical Academy Our mission is to inspire our students to compete successfully in the 21st century by providing a college preparatory education that utilizes project-based learning, real-world applications, and innovative technology.

  • 10/10 Las Vegas Academy Of Arts

  • 10/10 Advanced Technologies Academy

    Advanced Technologies Academy

    A-TECH offers seven magnet CTE programs. In addition to their core high school academic courses, students are scheduled into magnet program courses that correspond with their graduation year. These courses are completed in sequence, according to grade level.

  • 10/10 College Of Southern Nevada High School West

    College of Southern Nevada High School

    College of Southern Nevada High School

  • 10/10 Northwest Career and Technical Academy

    Northwest Career And Technical Academy

    Silver Medal Awardedby US Newsand World Report NWCTA Families: Join us for Our Annual AP/Dual Credit Night information Event 1/31/2023 5:30- 7pm (In Person) Eighth Grade Families: NWCTA Magnet Application Deadline for the 2023-2024 school year is TODAY! January 10, 2023, at 3:00 pm.

  • 9/10 Southeast Career Technical Academy

  • 9/10 Veterans Tribute Career Technical Academy

    Veterans Tribute Career & Technical Academy

    Veterans Tribute Career & Technical Academy will create a rigorous learning environment engaging students through collaborative problem-solving while promoting respect and responsibility in honor of those who have served our nation and community. Veterans Tribute Career & Technical Academy's focus is to prepare students for careers in public service.

  • 7/10 Palo Verde High School

    Palo Verde High School

    The mission of Palo Verde High School is to prepare students to realize their academic, creative, emotional, physical, social, and career potentials as contributing members of a multicultural society in an international community of mutual respect.

  • 6/10 Arbor View High School

    Arbor View High School

    Arbor View High School is dedicated to inclusion as the foundation of emotional, social and academic growth and support of all individuals. The AVHS community is inclusive of all races, ethnicities, cultures, religions/beliefs, sexual orientations, gender identities, socioeconomic statuses, abilities and living arrangements.

  • 5/10 Silverado High School

    Silverado High School

    Silverado High School

  • 5/10 Centennial High School

    Centennial High School

    We believe that the purpose of education is to provide experiences that will encourage and assist students to achieve their potential and to assume their responsibilities as members of society. It is the obligation of the school to instill in students positive attitudes toward growth, learning, leadership, and creativity, as well as to ensure their full intellectual and character development.

  • 4/10 Durango High School

    Durango High School

    Durango High School

  • 4/10 Shadow Ridge High School

    Shadow Ridge High School

    Shadow Ridge High School places an emphasis on every aspect of our student's growth and development. We take advantage of the natural curiosity students possess. Suitable class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allows us to offer an intimate and inclusive educational environment, while also ensuring each student receives the individualized attention and support they need.

  • 4/10 Ed W Clark High School

    Ed W. Clark High School

    Ed W. Clark High School

  • 4/10 Rancho High School

    Rancho High School

    Greetings Rancho Families, We appreciate your continued support and partnership in the education of your student. Many great things are happening at Rancho HS, and we want to keep you updated. Click into this news story for the latest edition of This Week at The Ranch with updates and upcoming events at our school for next week.

  • 4/10 Desert Oasis High School

    Desert Oasis High School

    Desert Oasis High School

  • 4/10 Las Vegas High School

    Las Vegas High School

    Las Vegas High School

  • 4/10 Sierra Vista High School

    Sierra Vista High School

    Sierra Vista High School

  • 3/10 Chaparral High School

    Chaparral High School

    We strive to empower our students with the tools needed to achieve future success within an environment that promotes life-long learning and mutual respect through rigorous instruction, relevant content, meaningful relationships, and personal responsibility.

  • 3/10 Cimarron Memorial High School

    Cimarron Memorial High School

    Cimarron Memorial High School

  • 2/10 Del Sol Academy Of The Performing Arts

    Del Sol Academy of the Performing Arts

    Del Sol Academy of the Performing Arts prepares our diverse student population to successfully pursue college and career opportunities in a global community. Rigorous instructional programs facilitate the development of our students' unique skills and talents, as scholars, performers, and athletes which emphasize critical thinking, creativity and self expression.

  • 2/10 Western High School

    Western High School

    Western High School

  • 2/10 Sunrise Mountain High School

    Sunrise Mountain High School

    The Sunrise Mountain High School Community will assist ALL of our students achieve the high levels of learning required for success in college or post-secondary opportunities by utilizing collaborative approaches that are Purposeful, Inclusive, and Consistent (PIC).

  • 1/10 Desert Pines High School

    Desert Pines High School

    Desert Pines High School

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