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A serial cat shaver is out there on the loose! You may be asking who it is or why they’re doing it? No one knows! There’s a person walking around and grabbing random cats and shaving a chunk off of them!

People were finding their cats and wondering why there’s a huge chunk of fur shaved off! Some owners were wondering if their cat was sick. Some even wondered if they licked themselves so much in one spot that the hair just fell out.

It was only after multiple owners  complaining about their cats found with shave marks in the same area, that they realized there was a person running around and shaving chunks off their cats. The people of the small Virginia town were finding the shaven spots on their cats bellies or their legs.

All cats were returned unharmed, but it was unsettling for the people that it’s happening to their fur babies. The police were alerted and the police captain, Kelly Walker said he doesn’t know what crime has been committed, but the cat owners just want it to stop!

We have more on this odd story and more in today’s Other News! – Morty