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Imagine this. You’re just about ready to leave home when you get a phone call from your significant other, who asks you to run back into the house and check on something. Irritated, you get out of your car grumbling and mumbling to yourself, and a split second later, the car you were just in is crushed by a huge boulder. You just can’t make this stuff up.

By now, I’m sure you have read, heard, or seen reports about what the latest group of storms is doing to the Pacific Coast. Well, all of this rain is causing mud slides and rock slides up and down the coast, and just the other day, Mauricio Henao of Malibu, California experienced the result of one of these land slides.

According to an article by CNN on, Henao had just settled himself into his Toyota Prius outside his home in Malibu, an area that has been hit hard by recent storms. Before he took off, he received a call on his mobile phone from his girlfriend. She asked him to run back into the house and check the bag she had left there.

Just seconds after walking through his front door he heard a great deal of noise outside which he described to reporters as ” just loud booms and crashing.” With his girlfriend still on the phone, he walked back outside and what he saw gave him goose bumps all over his body. His car was destroyed by a huge boulder from a landslide that had just occurred outside his house. The boulder reportedly measured four feet in diameter.

Can you imagine the feeling of being saved by an errand your significant other just sent you on which actually saves your life? Imagine going from slightly irritated to forever grateful. That’s how Maurico Henao will feel for a long time. Per the CNN article, he immediately told his girlfriend: “…thank you for calling me because you saved my life.”

I guess I won’t be so irritated the next time my wife sends me back into the house. I think I’ll bring her with me too!


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