In the game “SimCity,” knocking down a bridge and re-doing an intersection is as simple as a few clicks. But in real life, it takes a lot more effort and makes a much larger mess. We are about to get a hard lesson with NDOT’s Phase 2 of the I-15 Tropicana Project, lovingly referred to as “Dropicana.”

They will close ramps, demolish bridges, and shut down Interstate 15 around Tropicana for a couple days starting Tuesday, Jan. 17, marking the start of impactful and intense work, rebuilds, etc. to our roads.

Key dates you need to be aware of for this project:

Tuesday, Jan. 17th

    • Interstate 15 Southbound ramps to Tropicana Avenue, both east and west bound, will be closed.
        • Flyover to Tropicana Avenue eastbound/towards Las Vegas Strip is expected to be closed for 18 months.
    • Ramp to Tropicana Avenue westbound is expected to be closed for 9 months.
  • Sunday, Jan. 22
    • Tropicana Avenue on-ramp to Interstate 15 Northbound will be closed. This will be closed for an extended period of time.
  • Sunday, Jan. 22 – Monday, Jan. 30 
    • Tropicana Avenue from Dean Martin to New York-New York will be closed.
      • No access to Tropicana Avenue to Interstate 15 Southbound on-ramp.
      • No access to Interstate 15 Northbound off-ramp to Tropicana Avenue.
  • Saturday, Jan. 28 – Monday, Jan. 30
    • Interstate 15 Northbound and Southbound will be closed entirely at Tropicana. You’ll need to get off at Russell heading Northbound, or Flamingo heading Southbound. NDOT strongly suggests avoiding the area entirely and taking the 215 Beltway for North-South travel, and not taking the Strip to get around it.
  • Saturday, Jan. 28
    • Interstate 15 Northbound ramp to Arena Drive will be closed. This will remain closed for an extended period of time.

Obviously there is a lot to take in. Hopefully this helps you navigate the mess. NDOT also has and the I-15 Trop app to help you around the mess. Happy traveling!