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So what about the Oakland A’s – are they coming to Las Vegas or not? That seems to be the ongoing question.

Talks between the Oakland A’s and those involved in a hot Las Vegas stadium site seem to have cooled down, while talks on the other site are still happening. And discussions between casino magnate Phil Ruffin, and A’s bigwigs about the Las Vegas Festival Grounds site, have gone quiet.

So with all of that, that leaves the land where the Tropicana sits as supposedly still in play. The A’s and Bally’s Corporation have been in negotiations for more than a year regarding the building of a $1 billion domed ballpark there.

So –are the Oakland A’ coming to Las Vegas or not? 

All of this is contingent on whether or not the A’s decide not to stay in Oakland. The A’s have a waterfront development at the Port of Oakland in play. The $12 billion mixed-use development would include residential, commercial, hotel and public space centered around a $1 billion waterfront ballpark.

There’s a new twist now with new Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao replacing former mayor Libby Schaaf. Thao’s comments mimic Schaaf’s, with the desire to keep the team in Oakland, but not while putting taxpayers at risk- gee, how sensible for a city’s residents!
Ruffin’s executive assistant Alicia Crockett told the Review-Journal that there has been no recent contact between Ruffin’s group and the A’s. Ruffin owns the Las Vegas Festival Grounds site located on the southwest corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara Avenue. The site was looked at early on by the A’s, but their focus shifted elsewhere. That was until last summer when the two sides began to talk again.
The Oakland A’s didn’t respond when asked about negotiations in Las Vegas, but team President Dave Kaval has spoken many times over the last year about the team’s desire for a ballpark in Las Vegas. Kaval said of a strip location, “We like the notion of a venue where people will get out of their car, or walk from a resort, and walk up and see in the stadium. It draws you in.”
Kaval hasn’t spoken with media about a stadium in Las Vegas for a while. Before that it was non-stop – even giving updates on various approvals in the Oakland area, and the happenings in Las Vegas.

If the Tropicana site does happen, it would basically create a sports facility center for Las Vegas. The A’s stadium would be within walking distance of Allegiant Stadium, T-Mobile Arena, the MGM Grand Garden arena and Michelob Ultra Arena at Mandalay Bay.

The *self-proclaimed* “sports governor” Steve Sisolak is no longer governor, and Governor Joe Lombardo has yet to make his stance on public money for sports teams and facilities known.

The A’s are looking for some form of public assistance if they are to move to Las Vegas. Personal opinion: Is this really the way we want to do this?

Soooo , what about the Oakland A’s – are they coming to Las Vegas or not? 

-Carla Rea

Las Vegas One Of The Best Cities To Get Healthy And Stay Healthy

Was your New Year’s resolution the same as it is every year – to be more active, to exercise, to lose weight? Well let’s make it happen this year!

According to a study by WalletHub, it shouldn’t be that hard, since Las Vegas ranked among the best cities for an active lifestyle. We’re lucky to have the great weather we have, and the open spaces we have.

Actually achieving a healthy lifestyle is more difficult than we’d like it to be, and it requires a consistently active routine. Sometimes there are obstacles, because where you live may not promote a healthy way of life. Some cities lack sidewalks, and neighborhood parks. Weather also plays a big part in how active you are – or can be.

WalletHub compared the 100 biggest U.S. cities based on 36 key indicators of an active lifestyle. Their data set ranges from the average monthly fitness-club fee, to bike score, to the share of physically inactive adults.

Honolulu took the number one spot, followed by San Francisco in second, New York in third, Chicago in fourth, and Las Vegas in fifth place. Rounding out the top ten: Cincinnati in sixth place, San Diego in seventh, Madison Wisconsin in eighth, Denver in ninth, and Atlanta in tenth!

Here’s how different a city can be – Las Vegas is number five, North Las Vegas came in at 100! What????  Not that different from Las Vegas, and it’s right over there! Nonetheless, a very low ranking.

As far as fitness clubs, our neighbors up north ranked number three. Reno has more fitness clubs per capita than 97 other cities!

Want to be more active in 2023? Here are some hiking trails in the Las Vegas valley, that I really like, to help you out!

-Carla Rea


  • Buckskin Cliff Shadows: 3355 Cliff Shadows Pkwy.

    This is a cool “city” hike. At the beginning you overlook the city, and the Las Vega Strip. On the other side, it’s a bit removed, yet you still overlook residential Las Vegas.

    Las Vegas healthy city

  • Rubber Ducky Trail: 1000 Scenic Loop Dr

    Rubber Ducky Trail is a nice out and back – or longer, depending on how you decide to explore it.  Most ages and fitness types will enjoy this one. By the way – bring a small rubber ducky – or rubber fowl of some sort – to hang on one of the various trees that display them!

    Rubber Ducky Trail

  • Calico Basin Trail, Red Rock: Calico Basin Rd.

    One of the most beautiful and picturesque hikes in Las Vegas. A popular trail for hiking and running. Don’t forget to make reservations!

    Calico Basin

  • Wetlands Park: 7050 Wetlands Park Ln,


  • Railroad Tunnels at Lake Mead

    Probably my favorite trail hike in Las Vegas, and anyone can do it! Not a lot of climbing, unless you want to – and you can make it as long, or as short as you’d like. But try not to bail until you get through the tunnels!

    Las Vegas Lists

    Photo: Carla Rea via BMG Las Vegas