Marrying someone in 2023 is a commitment unlike any other. You are vowing to your partner that you will be there for them in the best of times and worst of times.

The pandemic really influenced how many of us view human interaction. The past two years have been hard for everyone so if you found someone that tickles your fancy, congratulations.

Planning a wedding takes time as some couples plan months to even years ahead of time. This time preps for availability of venues, ordering flower arrangements, ordering outfits and the whole nine yards.

We know weddings can cost a fortune so the most important part is saving money.

According to, they surveyed 4,000 people to discover what individuals are willing to pay for their weddings in 2023. The results aren’t as shocking as some might think.

Wedding budgets have not risen from last year and couples are willing to spend more money to get married. Photographers came up as the most important money spender when it comes to getting married. says, the average wedding in 2023 will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000. This price range is an estimation for guest attendance as 31% said 100 to 150 guests and 23% said 150 to 200 guests.

We have all heard of the old tradition where the bride’s parents are to pay for the wedding but in this new decade that isn’t the case. The survey found that 71% of couples getting married are pitching in to create their grand occasion. As couples are willing to spend money they are also “budget friendly” in creating registries to help with cost of the wedding, honeymoon and/or for home buying. Only 13% of couples from this survey saved up between $50,000 to $100,000 for their festive occasion.

Overall, the results show that people are willing spend all different amounts to create the “perfect” day. Each and every couple has different wants and needs for their weddings. See for more details on this survey.