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A Pakistani man has something huge to celebrate….his sixtieth child! Yes, that’s not a typo! He welcomed his sixtieth child with one his now three wives.

Three wives in Pakistan is not uncommon by any means, but having sixty children is not common! Pakistani men are known for having multiple wives and children. The man is not only welcoming his 60th child but he want’s more wives so he can have more children!

His name is Sardarjan Mohammmad Khan and he’s from Quetta, which is the Capital of Balochistan. The Pakistani manwelcomed a baby boy which he named Khushal. Sardarjan is fifty-years-old and shows no sign of stopping when it comes to having more children.

If you’re wondering how he affords to support three wives and now sixty children, the Pakistani man is a successful doctor, so he has the money to do so. The area of Pakistan that he lives in is also known for having large families.

Sardarjan said he would like more kids, preferably more daughters than sons. When he’s done having children, the Pakistani man hopes to have his entire family under the same roof! Then he hopes to have more children with his three existing wives and hopefully to him, a fourth wife. All three of his wives are still waiting to give birth to more of his chilren.

Again, unless you’re Nick Cannon. But polygamy is a thing here in the U.S., just not as extreme as it is in other countries like Pakistan.

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