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A single mother in Chicago, ChaCha Watson needed a frozen lasagna to be defrosted before she got home, so she could make it for dinner. She wasn’t home but her eleven-year-old daughter was. She called her daughters phone and got no answer. Frustrated by no response and needing that lasagna defrosted, ChaCha had to get creative on how to contact her daughter.

ChaCha knows her daughter is obsessed with the online game Roblox. She knew she’s probably online playing and not answering the phone, so ChaCha jumped into the virtual world of Roblox to find her daughter! She and her daughter, Miracle spend lots of time together playing the game, so she knew exactly where to find her in the game!

Watson logged in to the game and browsed around for a moment, then boom there she was, Miracle playing in the game. ChaCha imediatly told her daughter in the game to take the frozen lasagna out of the freezer to defrost it, along with the garlic bread.

Now this wasn’t really an emergency but it was quick thinking on her part to know how to actually get a hold of her daughter.

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