It was a scene that seemed to be from a comedic movie with a tragic ending. A business in Bakersfield, California was set ablaze. But, the building wasn’t the only thing that caught on fire.

On Jan. 2 during midnight, a camera recorded two suspects pouring gasoline over a business, KBFX-CD in California reports. The two suspects concealed their faces with masks and sprayed gasoline across the perimeter of the business’ building, even splashing the camera with the flammable liquid.

But, it seems that the alleged arsonists forgot that gasoline is a highly flammable liquid. In the video obtained by KBFX, one of the suspects lights a portion of the building on fire. However, the flame ignited bigger than what was probably expected, which caused the two suspects to catch on fire themselves. Cameras recorded the suspects running away as the building was on fire.

Even the county’s fire captain called the footage “quite dramatic” during an interview with KBFX.

The business that was the victim to this arson incident is called Servicio de Inmigracion (or Immigration Services in English), which is located on 2500 Niles Street in Bakersfield, California.

The business posted the footage from the night of the incident on its Facebook.

According to the Kern County Fire Department, there were no injuries or fatalities. During Jan. 2, the Kern County Emergency Communications Center began receiving multiple reports of a fire. When firefighters arrived, they found the structure’s fire located near the rear. After 10 minutes, firefighters were able to extinguish the fire and cleared the building for possible victims, the report states.

“The quick knockdown of the fire limited fire damage to the garage. The business involved is a tax preparation company. While on scene firefighters assisted the property owner with relocating documents to a secure area elsewhere in the building,” according to the report.