It stinks to go to one Las Vegas high school lately. No, it’s not the classes or the teachers, it’s the bathrooms.

Clark County School District is undergoing a nearly $5 million dollar overhaul of the sewer and plumbing at the 50 year old Chaparral High School. No, someone didn’t flush something suspect (that we know of). It’s far more serious than that.

Kids are unable to use bathrooms in the school and are using “temporary restrooms” (we are guessing port-a-pottys) due to flooding issues and “toxic sewer gasses”. That’s right. Toxic sewer gasses.

CCSD explained that the sewer system has “heavy scale build-up, breaks, cracks, and offset defects that pose a life, health and safety risk”. That’s serious stuff and obviously not conducive to a good learning environment.

MMC Industrial and Environmental Services have gotten the $4.9 million contract to repair the sewer system with work expected to wrap up by the summer. The district has already gone forward with the repairs, despite not bringing it up in a board meeting. That board meeting is scheduled to take place on January 12th, but only as a formality. Funding was approved through emergency measures considering the severity of the situation.

Why doesn’t Las Vegas build a new High School for that price?!

For $4.9 million, couldn’t they build a new high school? Not quite. While RSMeans estimates just the building cost of a new high school can run near $25,000,000, costs are often surpassing that. Eldorado High School recently underwent improvements to their electrical and security system that ran up to over $26 million.

So to the students of Chaparral, we feel for you that you can’t use the loo to poo. Next year, things will be back to normal at Chap, where you’ll be able to excuse yourself from class and take a crap.