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One Walmart worker had finally had it and decided to quit and tell everyone in the store over the intercom system. Not that The Mike & Carla Morning Show are endorsing the way to quit your job, but she did have her reasons and she wanted everyone shopping that day to know it!

Normally when you’ve had it at a job, you just give your two weeks notice, work out your time, then collect your final check and go. That’s the way it should typically go, however, some people can only be pushed so far. As far as this one employee, Beth McGrath, she had been pushed to the limit as far as she was concerned and wanted everyone to know about it.

Now despite her claims, Walmart released a statement saying that they have spoken to this young lady and are looking into her accusations. So, think about the last time you were in this type of situation as an employee and, although you might have left the most conventional way, what would you have said given the mic for everyone to hear?

It’s quite the question, because as much as we would like to think that we would do the same thing, this young lady clearly thought about what she wanted to say, how she wanted to say it and most importantly, said it all in a convincing manner without any hesitation.

Once again, The M&C Morning Show does not endorse this way of leaving a job, but you have to hand it to Beth that she did it her way…complete with a few “shout outs” at the end of her statement! In fact, that might be the best part of her resigning according to M&C!

View the video HERE, (beware: explicit language).

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