New Year’s Eve Las Vegas edition: It’s basically the West-Coast equivalent of New York City’s Ball Drop.

If you’re coming to Las Vegas for the New Year then we welcome you with open arms! However, be prepared because streets, restaurants and traffic will be congested. The Strip is often a place of avoidance for many locals. But, the chaos is what makes this day in Las Vegas fun and unlike any other. Have you truly experienced the fruits of life if you haven’t visited Vegas during a tourism surge? It can be fun — if you’re prepared.,

The first thing you need to be ready for is road closures. Click here to read more in depth about the road closures. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Nevada State Police and the Nevada Department of Transportation have teamed up once again this year to begin road closures around the “Resort Corridor” and Downtown late Saturday afternoon to prepare for the masses to celebrate on The Strip and Fremont Street Experience. 

Road closures along with an influx of people will create longer travel time, so be prepared and give yourself extra time for the commute if you’re seeing a show, fireworks, going to dinner reservations, etc. If you’re driving your car then add a decent chunk of time for parking at the casinos. The garages will be congested and backed up, so add this into your schedule because traffic will take way more time than you think. recommends those who plan to travel on The Strip for NYE to take Ubers, Lyfts or Taxis. Some hotel parking will be only available to hotel guests, so do your research if you plan to park on The Strip! It’s best to aim for a resort that’s not in the middle of The Strip too, per’s recommendation. This way when you arrive or leave, you’re not stuck in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard traffic.

If you still need last minute plans then click here! We compiled a list of activities you can still add to your itinerary if you need plans.

Check the weather because it can be cold, rainy and windy. And remember, casinos are farther than they seem, so walking with the highest pair of heels, the tightest dress shoes, etc. may not feel the best.

Last of all, please be SAFE! Do not drink and drive. New Years is a celebration of life, which means you need to get home safely! Have a great New Year, everyone. 2023: Let’s bring it on!