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Las Vegas is expected to be “Party Central” for over 400,000 revelers who are planning to ring in 2023 on The Strip and Downtown Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve.

Huge crowds on New Year’s Eve are nothing new for our city, but there is rain in the forecast, and that may put a damper on things. Will the incredible 8-minute fireworks display across the Las Vegas Strip go off at midnight January 1st as planned?

We’ll have to wait and see, but according to an article by the Associated Press posted on, if Clark County officials pull the plug on the annual New Year’s Eve fireworks show due to inclement weather, “it would mark the first weather-related cancellation in the event’s 22-year history. The show was cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Per the AP article, over 11,000 fireworks are supposed to be launched off of the rooftops of eight Las Vegas Strip casinos, as well as the Plaza Hotel Downtown. On Tuesday evening I checked the weather forecast for Saturday night on both the National Weather Service website and on, and there is currently an 80% chance for rain that night, mainly after 10pm. Plus, there may be gusty winds. We’re still a long way off and the forecast may change, but that would be a lot to contend with for the producers of the fireworks show.

As always, the streets and freeways surrounding the resort corridor will begin shutting down to vehicular traffic late  Saturday afternoon. By Saturday evening, The Strip will only be open to pedestrians, and it will not reopen until well after 2am Sunday morning.

No matter where you plan to ring in the New Year, we hope it is a safe and happy celebration.


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10 Best Cities To Celebrate New Years; Go Party

3… 2… 1… *insert ball drop here. The time of year has come to say goodbye to the last 365 days and hello to a new calendar year.

2022 was a year of discovering what life is like again after living through a global pandemic.

We as humans endured a lot of misfortune with world tragedy’s, new viruses, sky rocketing gas prices and so much more. We got through hard times and celebrated the small victories that arose. The end of the year is about appreciation, celebration and setting new goals to become a better person. Many set “New Years Resolutions” that tend to last half way through January before disappearing. Despite holding yourself to a new goal, many people tend to travel to a new city to welcome in the new year.

According to our friends at Wallethub, over 80 million Americans will travel this New Years between driving and flying. Wallethub conducted a report on the 100 biggest cities to safely celebrate the new year without spending the most amount of money. As we know many cities will inflate their prices due to higher influxes of people for holidays and special occasions. The report examined three key dimensions which are average cost of food and beverage, entertainment ticket costs and safety and accessibility. The three dimensions were then analyzed over 29 metrics. The metrics were graded on a 100 point scale with 0 being the least sought after to 100 meaning more popular being the most sought after place to party.

Two cities made the TOP 100 that many locals are familiar with. Coming in at 99, Henderson, NV and coming in at 100, North Las Vegas, NV.

For the purpose of our article we are only going to highlight the dimensions to give you a general idea on where to party this holiday season. You can find the report here with further details. #NYE2023

  • 10) Seattle, WA

    Total Score: 64.22
    Entertainment & Food: 6
    Costs: 95
    Safety & Accessibility: 27

    Seattle, Washington

  • 9) Los Angeles, CA

    Total Score: 64.38
    Entertainment & Food: 11
    Costs: 83
    Safety & Accessibility: 46

    Los Angeles, California

  • 8) Chicago, IL

    Total Score: 64.44
    Entertainment & Food: 9
    Costs: 84
    Safety & Accessibility: 56

    Illinois, Chicago

  • 7) Washington, DC

    Total Score: 65.76
    Entertainment & Food: 8
    Costs: 92
    Safety & Accessibility: 14

    Washington, DC

  • 6) Denver, CO

    Total Score: 65.87
    Entertainment & Food: 12
    Costs: 54
    Safety & Accessibility: 72

    Denver, Colorado

  • 5) Atlanta, GA

    Total Score: 66
    Entertainment & Food: 2
    Costs: 76
    Safety & Accessibility: 97

    Atlanta, Georgia

  • 4) San Francisco, CA

    Total Score: 67.03
    Entertainment & Food: 4
    Costs: 93
    Safety & Accessibility: 22

    San Francisco, California

  • 3) Las Vegas, NV

    Total Score: 70.09
    Entertainment & Food: 3
    Costs: 70
    Safety & Accessibility: 51

    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • 2) Orlando, FL

    Total Score: 70.12
    Entertainment & Food: 5
    Costs: 65
    Safety & Accessibility: 41

    Orlando, Florida

  • 1) New York, NY

    Total Score: 70.20
    Entertainment & Food: 1
    Costs: 98
    Safety & Accessibility: 6

    New York, New York