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It’s been a crazy NFL season so far with a lot of parity and most of it due to the officiating…that’s why Carla Rea decided to throw out a few new proposed NFL rule changes! The Mike & Carla Morning Show actually thought these changes not only make sense, but would actually spice up the game for players and fans alike!

Now we all know that the XFL tried to jack things up to make their brand of football a little more entertaining for fans, but the problem there is that the league just hasn’t caught on yet. With that said, you have to check out some of the changes we thought would make the NFL game a bit more fun!

How about a “jump ball” at the beginning of the game to decide who gets the ball first? No more coin toss, send two players to the middle of the 50 yard line, the ref throws the ball up in the air and the team that gets it first is awarded the ball! As mentioned in this segment, maybe we just keep it to the quarterbacks, but that might be optional.

How about this, points given to the team that gets an interception and points taken away from a team that fumbles the ball away? And no more punters! You get four downs, if you can’t move the ball ten yards after 4 attempts, then the opposing teams gets the ball right there.

You see…these are starting to make sense aren’t they? C’mon, let’s spice things up and make the NFL more fun to watch…in fact, the more Carla Rea laid out her new proposed line of rule changes for the league, the more listeners got involved. One listener suggested that in a kickoff, if the ball goes through the uprights in the end zone, you get points for that! We liked that one!

All good ideas…now listen to the segment and see if you don’t agree or at least come up with a few changes yourself!


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NFL To Replace Pro Bowl With Multi-Day Skills Competition

The NFL announced that it will be replacing 2023’s Pro Bowl with a multi-day skills competition. The Pro Bowl, an all-star game pitting the best from the AFC against the NFC, will now become “The Pro Bowl Games.”

The traditional game at the end of Pro Bowl week will be replaced with a flag football game featuring the season’s Pro Bowlers. The event will take place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2023.

Pro Bowl week will also have “the addition of new challenges intended to showcase Pro Bowlers’ football and non-football skills in unique competitions,” the NFL stated.

“We’ve received invaluable feedback from players, teams and fans about reimagining the Pro Bowl, and as a result, we’re thrilled to use The Pro Bowl Games as a platform to spotlight Flag football as an integral part of the sport’s future while also introducing fun, new forms of competition and entertainment that will bring our players, their families and fans closer than ever before,” NFL Executive Vice President Peter O’Reilly said in a statement. “Building on the success of the 2022 Pro Bowl and 2022 Draft, as well as our strong partnership with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) and Las Vegas Raiders, we look forward to bringing The 2023 Pro Bowl Games to the capital of world-class sports and entertainment.”

The NFL is hoping that this will bring a “fresh take” on what fans have considered a stale event for quite some time. Flag football is also a part of the NFL’s participation and development strategy “due to its highly accessible and inclusive qualities,” according to their statement. The league’s inclusion of flag football is so that the players and fans can enjoy a highly skilled competition without the risks associated with a full-speed, full-contact football game.

Fan voting will remain during the Pro Bowl Games and honors given to players will also be treated the same as in previous years.

Take a look at how fans are responding to the change below:

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  • 2.

  • 3.

  • 4.

  • 5.

  • 6.

  • 7.

  • 8.

  • 9.

  • 10.


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