Finding a Las Vegas hotel room when you planned a trip at the spur of the moment can be a difficult task. Add a major holiday — like New Year’s Eve — and this task becomes nearly impossible.

Traveling has been another victim of inflation with the cost of accommodation, food and activities rising alongside the rest of the goods and services in the U.S.

A study from Hopper found that this year’s rates for rooms during Christmas rose by 32% in comparison to last year. And we can only assume that a similar trend will follow New Year’s Eve room rates.

Luckily, there are a few ways to try and find a last-minute hotel room that won’t completely break the bank.

The first, and maybe most glaring option, is that any resort or property on The Strip will be far more expensive than staying in Downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street or off the Strip in surrounding areas like Henderson or Summerlin.

Also, you can “blind or express buy” hotel rooms on a few different third-party booking sites like Priceline and Hotwire. On Priceline, it’s called “express deals,” which you can explore here. On Hotwire, you can access the “blind buy” option here. Essentially, the option allows you to book a hotel room for a fairly decent price with one important catch: You don’t know what the hotel room is or what the hotel is for that matter.,

So, if you’re the ultimate trip-planner then this option may not be for you. But, considering you booked a last-minute trip to Las Vegas then this option shouldn’t be too bad.

Another great travel tool is This handy-dandy website allows you to compare Priceline and Hotwire on one screen, which can make the process of price comparison much easier. It also has an online forum that allows people to share which hotel rooms they acquired with the blind buy or express options. This can be helpful when you finally decide to press “purchase” for your hotel room.

Other tips include calling and simply booking the hotel you want directly. The hotel wants your direct business with no cost or profits being lost for them. This is why you may be lucky with price matching if you found a better deal online. They could even offer certain upgrades that are not too expensive either. But, this may be slim pickings due to the holiday weekend.

Another tip is to keep in mind which properties charge for parking. This is another hidden cost that you may not be thinking about when booking your hotel. Overall, don’t be blind to hidden costs and read the fine print — especially when booking with a third-party website.

If you booked a last-minute vacation for New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas then we hope this helps you shave off the cost for your hotel. Now, if you’re trying to plan your itinerary then scroll down below for a list of New year’s Events in Las Vegas.

New Year's Eve Las Vegas Style: Where To Go And Party

New Year’s Eve Las Vegas style is the epitome of glitz, glamour and glorious extravagance.

Like the East Coast’s legendary “Ball Drop” in New York City’s Time Square, Las Vegas has its own iconic NYE celebrations that attract people from across the globe.

From the plethora of special shows, concerts and performances happening throughout New Years Eve and the days leading up to it, it’s a complete party in Las Vegas when it comes to celebrating the start of a new life chapter.

The Strip hosts an iconic fireworks show, and the main theme for this year’s celebration seems to be “Let’s Go Big,” according KTLA.

People who are visiting The Strip for this show should expect a beautiful explosion of dazzling fireworks when the clock strikes midnight.

The fireworks will be launched from multiple famous Strip properties. According to KTLA, officials will launch fireworks from eight major casinos along Las Vegas Boulevard. The properties include MGM Grand, Aria Resort and Casino, Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Casino and Resort, Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, Resorts World Las Vegas and The STRAT!

Downtown Las Vegas will also have a great night of festivities and great performances from bands like Sugar Ray, All-4-One, The Wailers, DJ Skribble, and more. Tickets for this even cost $50.

If you’re not a Vegas local or you’ve never been to The Strip during major events then here are some tips to help you navigate NYE in Vegas correctly. If you haven’t booked your hotel yet then you need to do that as soon as possible. Rooms are filled quick, especially budget-friendly rooms that aren’t horrendous. Click here for some tips to score a last-minute hotel room in Las Vegas.

Plan ahead because traffic on The Strip will be congested. Las Vegas Boulevard will most likely be packed with cars and pedestrians.

Whether you’re a local or tourist, we hope that your New Years Eve is safe, filled with great memories and perfectly Las Vegas. Scroll down below for some New Year’s Eve Las Vegas events.