Let’s face it: When people think of “alcohol,” they think “party.” When people think “party,” they think of Las Vegas.

Our city has a reputation of enjoying a few drinks or two. From extravagant bottle services to Fremont Street‘s insane liquor pours, our city embraces mixology to its fullest.

But sometimes, we enjoy the simpler things in like. For example, enjoying a nice cold beer after work. But let us rephrase this. Sometimes, we simply enjoy a nice, cold CHEAP beer after work. You know what we’re talking about. One of those beers that you simply don’t think about when drinking. Those beer brands that your father, uncle or even hardcore aunties would drink during a family gathering.

Every state has their favorite cheap beer, and the folks at Eat This, Not That actually calculated this data! According to their findings, Nevada’s favorite beer is no other than Coors Light!

It’s slightly hard to believe. But, the data speaks for itself. In California, Coors Light also took the #1 spot.

Ironically, Coors Light also made the list for one of the worst beers of all time. So, it’s no wonder that Nevada just loves this beer. But, I think it’s safe to say that when you’re drinking cheap beer then you’re not necessary looking for the “best and most refined” tasting beer.

Something that’s funny to note as well: The most loved beer in the United States were also rated as the second-worst-tasting beer in the entire world. Yep. You read that right.

And honestly, we’re not too mad about these lists — even if they’re mocking out taste buds. Sometimes, we don’t want a fancy stout or a tangy IPA. Sometimes, we just want a cheap six pack of Coors Light and nothing else. If you disagree, well, the date speaks for itself! We’re a Coors-Light-Loving state, and there’s nothing you can do about it.