When we think of Nevada, what do you imagine? You probably imagine The Las Vegas Strip, miles of bare desert and sweltering hot weather. But, Nevada’s climate, topography and environment are diverse, meaning average temperatures can range across the state.

Many people are surprised when they learn about the snow-capped mountains on Mt. Charleston or even the cold temperatures further north and northwest in cities like Reno.

The coldest city in Nevada is Ely. According to Stacker, Ely is the 41st coldest city in the U.S. with an average daily minimum being 28.5°F. The town’s elevation makes it cool throughout the year due to it being 6,437 feet. It’s a quaint town that sits on the eastern edge of the loneliest road in America.

The daily maximum is 61.3°F with the annual temperature being 44.9°F. This town is historic with its roots dating back to the 1870s when it was established as a stagecoach stop, according to the town’s website. The Nevada Northern Railway arrived in 1906, turning this town into a major stop and transportation point.

Ely is one of those towns that remind you of simpler times when life was different. History, art and adventure run within the city’s roots. Peppered within the town’s downtown district are murals and sculptures that tell the town’s story.

Take yourself on a journey to Ely where you’ll be transported back into time with the town’s renaissance village and its ’50s-style soda fountain that has chocolate malts and cherry-lime rickeys and other nostalgic treats that generation enjoyed before us.

The coldest city in America isn’t cold in spirit, however! There are a plethora of outdoor activities to partake in as well. The Lehman Cave System contains beautiful limestone and marble caverns where stalagmites poke from the ground. Hikes and trails offer travelers and locals amazing views of The Great Basin.

Although Ely is the coldest city, the history is hot and rich! See more about Ely here.