A Las Vegas restaurant has an interesting item on their menu that takes calamari to a completely different level.

It’s a finger food like no other, and it’s fried to pure perfection. This fried squid stick is a must-try food item when you’re conquering your Las Vegas eats bucket list.

This amazing seafood creation is available at Alleyway Hot Pot located at 7385 S. Rainbow Blvd STE 120, Las Vegas, NV 89113. 

The “cracken” is this eateries take on fried squid. Unlike calamari that fries “o-shapes” cuts of squid, this restaurant fries the entire squid.

This crispy dish pushes a skewer to piece the squid together, and the portion is quite generous. This is definitely a sharable dish that’s perfect with any of the accompanying hot pot dishes that the restaurant offers.  According to the restaurant’s menu, this dish is priced at $16.

This appetizer has garner some internet attention with many people taking the opportunity to snap an Instagram-worthy pic when ordering this dish. And we can’t blame them! The cracken is beautiful, crunchy and delicious.

If you’re a person who’s a picky eater then we have some advice: You need to try this at least once! If you’ve never had squid or octopus before, we don’t recommend trying it simply boiled. The key to eating squid and octopus is preparation because when these two animals are cooked right, the outcome is an amazing, mouth-watering dish — like the cracken from Alleyway Hot Pot in Las Vegas!

Along with this great appetizer, you can enjoy a plethora of other great eats like garlic pork belly, sea salt cream of tomato soup, seafood hot soup and Korean kimchi. You can also add tons of other fun additions to your hot pot. So next time you’re in Las Vegas, or if you’re a local, then you need to try the fried cracken at Alleyway.