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Under the category of “you are what you eat”, do “spicy” foods make you more attractive? That’s what came up this morning on The Mike & Carla Morning Show and it seems that there might be something to this. A recent survey polled over 2,000 people who enjoy spicy foods and they actually believe it makes them more attractive to the opposite sex!

In an article put out by Cision, they report that 62% of those polled found themselves to be more attractive because they enjoy little spice when it comes to eating. Now, when it comes to Thanksgiving, since you can now buy an “injectable marinade” for your turkey this holiday season!

All you have to do is decide how hot you want your turkey to be. The poll found out that most people like the “medium”…after that it was mild, 24% actually enjoy their turkey “hot” and surprisingly enough, only about 7% will pass on any level of hot when it comes to turkey!

Another aspect of the poll told us a little bit about the people that like their spice mild, medium or HOT! Clearly it tells us more than we ever thought possible when it comes to spicy food, but all good information and good conversation at the dinner table.

So whether your single or not, read the article and find out where you land in this research…you might be surprised to find how attractive you think you truly are! If anything else, maybe find out a little more about the person you’re with.

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