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It’s your holiday gift from Kellogg’s where someone could WIN $15,000.00 if you make a gingerbread house out of Pop-Tarts! Hard to believe, but The Toaster pastries don’t have the same structural integrity as gingerbread, so this might be tougher than it sounds . . .according to the article publish by Food & Wine, this might be the thing to do for the holidays!

So, The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought it up this morning wanting to know how many people would actually take the time to attempt this and take a shot at the big money? However, to give you an idea of how serious Kellogg is about this, they announced it with a fake listening on Zillow!

The house they listed is complete with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and it’s fully furnished…complete with a bathtub and toilet created from Pop-Tarts! Oh, it’s 35 square feet on six-ten-thousandths of an acre! How can you pass up this opportunity?

Keep in mind that if indeed you’re going to attempt this, you have to tag Pop-Tarts on social media and include hashtag “GingerbreadPopTartEntry”! If you can’t build it, there might be another way to win…you can draw your design, which might be a little easier for those that can do that sort of thing.

Of course if you’re already thinking about giving it a shot, you best get on it, because they’ve already set the deadline. The cutoff date is December 16th, which sounds like you have some time to work with, but as we all know time flies when you’re having fun! We suggest you talk to your family, find out who’s in and who you can count on to help…it might also help to find out who has the talent to pull something like this off.

While you’re thinking about all this, listen to the segment from The M&C Morning Show this morning…and enjoy!


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