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When you lay your head down on the pillow, do you need a little “white noise” to help you fall asleep? That’s what came up this morning on The Mike & Carla Morning Show as Carla Rea says she’s in search of the perfect “noise” that can do the trick!

Some experts agree that since white noise contains all frequencies at equal intensity, it can actually stimulate your brain, which in turn can help you fall asleep.  That’s why a lot of doctors will say you might have find that right sound to help you get some shuteye at night!

Some people have suggested the sound of waves, birds chirping or even the sound of a “fan” all night long. What is it you listen to to fall asleep? Text lines blew up as well as the phone lines with listeners giving The M&C Morning Show their suggestions as to what might help Carla Rea. One woman even thought listening to Matthew McConaughey or Jeff Bridges, who put out some stories to fall asleep to.

How about just opening the window and listening to the sounds of night…the traffic, horns, or a nice gentle breeze? Whatever your choice might be, it has to be one that helps you personally and that’s what Cara Rea was looking for.

Now Mike O’Brian has a fan above the bed…turn it on, turn it off, doesn’t matter to Mike. Open the window or leave it close…either way, Mike can sleep through it all. In fact, Mike has a grandfather clock in the home at the base of the stairs that goes off every quarter hour and chimes at the top of each hour! Guess who can sleep right through all that?

Well, whatever it takes, listen to the segment from this morning and maybe you have your own ideas of what helps you sleep…if you can stay awake, listen to the segment from this morning and enjoy!

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