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It’s open enrollment time for insurance. Insurance can be really difficult to navigate. The Medicare Helpline is a free information resource, staffed by insurance experts. These experts are there to help seniors and caregivers learn about Medicare. The Medicare Helpline will be open on November 29, 2022 for all insurance-related questions.

The Medicare Helpline event is hosted by News 3 and sponsored by Intermountain Healthcare. News 3 teamed up with Intermountain Healthcare and their myGeneration Senior Clinics to answer your toughest Medicare questions. This is the last Medicare Helpline of the year and Clark County community members are encouraged not to miss it. This is a rare and beneficial opportunity to speak with an independent, licensed insurance expert in Las Vegas.

Chris Raon is a licensed broker here in Nevada and he is part of the Medicare Helpline. As a recent quest on Talking Solutions, Chris spoke with Wendy about why community members should call on November 29. Enrolling in Medicare and choosing a plan is one of the most important decisions someone might make this year. And Medicare’s annual enrollment period closes on December 7, so now is the time to get questions answered.

If you do still have questions about Medicare, Chris urges you to call the helpline to speak with an independent Nevada-licensed insurance agent who can explain the complexities of Medicare in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Chris goes into detail about why a local, licensed broker is also your best option for insurance.

The Medicare Helpline can help prospective clients understand the basics of Medicare, including enrollment periods, coverage options, and the benefits that come with the Medicare Advantage plans. Save the date for November 29 from 5am to 7pm to call the Medicare Helpline at 702-637-0509. And listen to Chris’s chat with Wendy to help you know what to expect.

The original air date of this podcast was November 20, 2022.

Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ Las Vegas

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5 Easy Ways To Manage Stress

Stress is a part of daily life. More so than it ever has been in the past. With instant messaging, working from home and other technological advances, we are always available. That means expectations of us are high, and patience in those waiting on us is low. Having to manage stress has become the norm.

Now we can’t hate on stress itself. It’s not the bad guy. In fact, stress serves a very important purpose. When a stressor in our environment occurs, our bodies respond with a release of stress hormones. These are the little guys responsible for those bursts of energy that wins the race, or the adrenaline rush you need to lift a car off someone. In small doses, stress is awesome because it makes us capable of great things.

On the flip side, stress that never goes away is bad. Think of stress like your parents visiting for the weekend from their long-distance home. At first, it’s great to see them! You feel all warm and fuzzy when they show up on Friday night. But by Sunday afternoon, you’re ready to kick them out of the car without even slowing down.

Chronic stress, that is stress that doesn’t go away, can have serious negative health effects. Chronic stress has been linked to things like diabetes, depression and cardiovascular disease. Some experts have even linked it to cancer.

Of course exercise is the first thing people suggest to bring those stress hormones down. Exercise releases endorphins that help you manage stressful situations more easily. Aerobic exercises like running, dancing, swimming or biking are some of the most beneficial ways to get those feel-good chemicals flowing.

But there are other, less rigorous methods to lower stress. So if you’re not a cardio buff like some of us (I’m NOT raising my hand here), here’s a list of other things you can do.

Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ Las Vegas

  • 1. Breathing

    Mindful young woman breathing out with closed eyes, calming down in stressful situation, working on computer in modern kitchen. Millennial hispanic lady managing stress, practice yoga at home office.

    Breathing is an excellent way to manage stress in any situation. Just sit in a comfortable chair or lie down. Breathe in while counting to 3 and out while counting to 4. This tells your body to slow down and relax.

  • 2. Yoga

    Serenity And Mindfulness Concept. Portrait of calm smiling African American female holding hands in prayer pose, keeping palms together, meditating, practicing Kundalini Yoga.

    Yoga has pretty much been dubbed the poster child of relaxation. And for good reason. Yoga combines the discipline of the body with the focus of the mind. And it incorporates lots of breathing. Which we’ve already mentioned is great for stress-relief.

  • 3. Nature Walk

    A happy senior woman with dog on a walk outdoors in forest, resting.

    Have you ever wondered why some cities have super chill people living there? Pay attention to how much nature they are surrounded by. Spending some time in nature has been found to help a variety of mental health issues, like anxiety and depression. Taking a walk through trees or along a water bank can have significant stress-relieving benefits.

  • 4. Tai Chi

    Handsome man exercising Tai Chi in the park.

    Much like Yoga, Tai Chi is a practice that combines body and mind with a series of breathing and poses. Tai Chi is usually gentler than Yoga, so it’s great for the elderly or people with physical limitations. But it has great benefits for anyone who wants to incorporate it into their lives.

  • 5. Gardening

    Plant in soil. Happy appealing woman smiling broadly while putting little green plant in the soil for the first time in her life

    This one might comes as a surprise. But have you ever noticed you’re sore after an afternoon of gardening? There’s a lot of stretching, bending and holding core poses involved in it. Digging and carrying around pottery also works out those arms and elevates your heartrate. Plus, with the added benefit of being around nature, it’s like a twofer!


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