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BEIJING, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 20: A Chinese participant smokes a cigarette before competing in the Beijing Marathon (Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

A man from China is going viral because he smokes while he’s running marathons. People took pictures of the man last week as he actually lit up while he was running. The man looks to be in his 50’s. He finished the marathon in 3 hours, 28 minutes and 45 seconds – which is a great time whether you’re smoking or not! At one point, the man was running with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Maybe it was Keith Richards…

Other stories on The Mike & Carla Morning Show also include a video has gone viral of some jerk who was tired of waiting for his McNuggets, so he just went behind the counter at McDonalds himself, and stole 20 of them.  When he sees an employee calling the cops, he chases him, hurls a nugget at him, and then leaves the store. THEY’RE MCNUGGETS!!!!!

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield are teaming up to sell Holy Ears. They are cannabis-infused edibles shaped like BITTEN EARS. GET IT?? Yes – obviously, that’s a reference to the 1997 fight where Tyson bit a chunk out of Evander’s Holyfield’s ear. (Google it, kids).  They made their peace years ago, and they are now friends. Tyson was already selling a similar product called Mike Bites through his cannabis company, but now Evander is officially in on the action, and why not? Holyfield says, “They said it’s about helping people.  So I said, ‘I ain’t got no problem helping people.'”

And cat owners beware: A British man broke nine ribs, fractured his spine, snapped his neck, cracked his skull, and got blood in his lungs after he tripped over his cat. He has spent weeks in the hospital after his cat jumped onto his leg, causing him to fall over, and down a flight of stairs.  The cat is “absolutely fine.” Well, except for a sore paw – from high-fiving all the other cats in the neighborhood!