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Starbucks employees at the Rainbow and Oakey location in Las Vegas have filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to unionize with Starbucks Workers United. If they succeed, they would be the first Nevada Starbucks location to do so.

These workers also sent a letter notifying Starbucks Interim CEO Howard Schultz of their plans. You can read their letter, which was tweeted on Twitter, here. According to a press release issued by Starbucks Workers United, they are hoping to join a “a nationwide movement of hundreds of stores and thousands of baristas organizing for better working conditions.”

I did not check in with Starbucks’ corporate or local management for this article, so you are only reading the workers’ side of the story. No matter where you have worked, or currently work, you always want better working conditions. You always want to feel appreciated. You always want to feel like you are in partnership with management. I have no idea what working conditions are like in Las Vegas Starbucks stores.

However, according to the Starbucks Workers United press release, and the letter sent to the company’s CEO, these workers feel that they have repeatedly requested changes to no avail. Their press release also states that Starbucks has launched a nationwide union-busting campaign. They claim the coffee-serving giant has shut down unionized stores, and they have fired union leaders and employees.

Their press release goes on to read that the National Labor Relations Board “has issued 39 official complaints against the company, encompassing over 900 violations of federal labor law.”

We will find out soon enough if other Las Vegas Starbucks employees join with the workers at the Rainbow and Oakey location in their attempt to hold unionization elections. Stay tuned…


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20 Best Coffee Shops In Las Vegas

I think it’s safe to say that coffee is often a saving grace. And Las Vegas coffee shops have definitely helped us recover after a night out.

It’s truly the perfect beverage that’s available in multiple mediums. Hot, iced, sweet, bitter, frothy or blended; coffee can quench any type of caffeine craving.

Coffee is also a ritual for many of us, often signifying as the gong that starts our day. When we smell the brewing beans and hear the bubbling noise of the carburetor, memories are often pulled from the back of our minds about cornerstone moments in our lives.

Along with the memories and conversations that are associated with the amazing beverage, coffee is also a symbol in many cultures. Whether it’s the brewing method or the type of beans being used, coffee — like most things — vary across the world.

There are four types of coffee beans: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. And according to, Arabica and Robusta are the most common and popular type of beans.

Arabica is known for having a smooth and complex flavor with a distinct lack of bitterness. Robusta, often associated with Vietnamese coffee, has a stronger and bolder flavor with a higher hint of bitterness laced within the coffee’s profile.

The other and less common coffee beans, Liberica and Excelsa, have different flavor notes and are grown in Africa and Asia.

According to CoffeeAffection, Liberica beans “has a controversial and polarizing reputation for wild inconsistency. Those who’ve tried this rare variety either love it or hate it.”

Some have described the flavor as nutty, woody and “burnt,” with a backbite.

Excelsa beans have qualities that are a mixture of light and dark roast traits. These beans have tart and fruity flavors with a lighter aroma. Yet, these beans still have a depth of flavor.

There’s also a science to the coffee brewing process that emphasizes and brings out certain flavors of the beans, which you can read more about here.

To celebrate our love of coffee, here are some of the best shops in Vegas.

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