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What is the key to losing weight and keeping it off…well we have the answer! Talking about a “Few Things We Think You Should Know”, it came up on The Mike & Carla Morning Show this morning and it actually make a bit of sense. Of course, you might have to consider moving around, working out every once in a while, but the we all need that incentive to keep us going.

That’s where this tip comes in…something you can do to keep you honest and moving forward each and everyday to keep the weight off or even to get you started. Let’s be honest, we all have our different ways on keeping the pounds off…trendy diets, the next big exercise machine you see on t.v., but nine times out of ten, it’s just getting started that seems to be the problem.

Most of the time, we decide to shed the pounds for one reason or another…you just broke up and you need to get back into the dating scene. Health reasons can always be a reason to lose a few pounds or you’re just tired of being over weight.

Whatever reason you have, please keep this in mind that one simple step can start you back on the path to good health and throwing away your “fat” clothes…just step on the scale everyday! That’s it…just step on the scale everyday and they say that this will be the one reason you’ll start to see the light! But remember to do it the first thing in the morning…that’s the one part of the day that the results are consistent.

Now keep in mind that if you break the scale, either you need a new diet…or a better scale! So listen to the segment and find out a bit more about this story and others from The M&C Morning Show…and enjoy!

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Ranked: Best Pizza Places In Las Vegas

Extra pepperoni please… Vegas has delicious pizza and many different kinds. Looking for margarita? We got you covered. Supreme? Check. Classic cheese? Check.

Whether you’re looking for New York, Chicago or Neapolitan style there are plenty of fresh pies to go around. Dedicated pizza connoisseurs will go to war with you on what the best style of pizza is but regardless the taste is still magical with every bite. Pizza is an international delicacy that has been consumed for many years.

The origin of the word “Pizza” is a little unclear but states many etymologists believe it comes from the ancient German Lombardic word bizzo which means “bite.” Some etymologists think that the word Pizza comes from the Greek word, “Pitta” which has the root word of pita referring to brand bread.

In any case of the meaning, the doughy-saucy goodness is so popular that customers can order it in many different shapes and sizes. The best part is that you can add just about anything to the top of pizzas… Except pineapple. Sorry, not sorry about it.

According to, “the modern birthplace of pizza is southwestern Italy’s Campania region, home to the city of Naples.” That is not to say that the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians didn’t create their own form of what we know as pizza today.

Pizza possesses many great qualities of convenience and taste. You can find pizza on street corners in New York to upscale restaurants in high-rises with city scape views. Many customers like to pinch it, folding it in half or inside out folding it in half. There is no incorrect way to eat a pizza. Don’t listen to the haters.

Pizza places were ranked based on their Google review star rating. Each business was chosen with more than 200 customer reviews.

Las Vegas may not be the origin place of pizza but with our fellow New Yorker and Chicagoan transplants we have saucy pies ready to eat. Did your favorite Las Vegas local pizza shop make the list? See below.