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Is it okay for a mom to take her little five-year-old son to celebrate his birthday at the local Hooter’s?  That’s what The Mike & Carla Morning Show wanted to know this morning when something like this was all over social media! It seems that a couple in Iowa took their five-year-old son to the local Hooter’s to celebrate his birthday and the mom then posted a TikTok of the waitresses singing to him.

Now the mom is getting heat from those that have seen the video that this a just a sample of bad parenting on their part…but is it really? It’s Hooter’s…what can possibly happen then? Now we get there might be other places you might want to take a 5 year old to celebrate a birthday, but not knowing the area, who are we to judge?

We can’t even imagine what Zander will remember from this birthday…especially with the servers giving him a homemade mask and pie pans to flap. Evidently in Iowa, they think this makes you look like an “owl”! So with the Hooter Girls giving the kid a “shoutout”, singing their version of “happy birthday” to him and getting the entire restaurant involved, it all seemed pretty harmless and a lot of fun. However, at 5 years, we don’t think the kid had any idea of what was really going on!

Listen to the segment from this morning and find out what M&C had to say about it, then, you know what, check out the video for yourself and some of the comments below, then you decide…living here it Las Vegas, throwing your little kid a party at Hooter’s doesn’t seem all that out of the ordinary…and they do indeed have great chicken wings

Click HERE to watch the video!

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