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A Bowl of Healthy Corn Flakes with Milk for Breakfast

A man from Texas tried to getaway by stuffinga bottle of eggnog in his pants and hair brushes in his pocket, and then fought with a store employee he confronted. Not sure what got into him or why he would even think stuffing eggnog down the pants would make for a great idea. The man is being charged with robbery. People are really determined when they are shoving things down their pants. The Mike & Carla Morning Show also explored some other weird, wild, wacky stories this morning…

A 27-year-old woman in Ohio – who literally had beef with her neighbor – has been sentenced after she admitted to beating her neighbor with a 10-pound log of ground beef in the potato chip aisle of Walmart.  So – she chased her to the chip aisle to beat her up? The neighbor wasn’t hurt, which is hard to believe, because that’s a lot of hamburger meat. The meat wielding woman got a 30-day suspended jail sentence, plus probation, and $155 in fines. That seems like a slap on the wrist for assault with a deadly beef log.

Chris Kirk, of Brighton, England, suffered liver damage from eating too many Corn Flakes! Chris was eating a couple bowls a day and overdosing on iron, because the cereal is fortified with iron. He thought he had Covid, or something else was seriously wrong, until tests showed he was getting too much iron because of the Corn Flakes. Chris stopped eating so much cereal, and feels much better now. Beware of over-ironing!!

The Little Rock, Arkansas Zoo is holding a tea party for a tiger. The big celebration is being held to celebrate Asmara’s ninth birthday. Asmara and her tiger cubs will be on display for the public this weekend. Why a tea party? Because they are calling it “Tea is for tigers.”  No word on how the zookeepers are going to serve her tea, but I say, “very carefully.” Pinkies up, cubs, pinkies up!